The Power of Consistency #5024

But isn’t all greatness, all successes, all massive results, doesn’t it all come from consistency.  In our pursuits for greatness, in all our endeavors, be it wealth, health, creativity, legacy, does it all not start and end with being consistent, not only in the actions we take, not only in the good habits we form, to get end results, but more than anything, it is the consistency of our thinking, about what we want to show up in our lives. Years and years ago, Andrew Carnegie said if you want to be wealthy, you need to have a “wealth consciousness.”  Can we not apply this to any reality we wish to experience in life?  I want to be a great […]

The Power of Your Nature

Get thy back to from hence you came, to the snow that abounds at 9,600 feet in Breckenridge, Colorado, on a last March weekend. The truth of living is extruded through your senses, and is heightened through nature, the calm, the quiet, the blizzards, the wind, the snow-loaded pine trees.  Where anyone can attune, align and parallel hugely deeper meanings. For this is found out of town, along the glens, in the long, pitch-silent valleys, where the clouds look like giant angel wings, where a quietude and THE perfect moment steeps in the eyes who are willing to stop, to listen, to gather in something superior, beyond the pull of the city, traffic, radio, internet. For it is in these […]

The Power of YOUR Conviction! #5028

Everything you want, everything you can achieve, every skill, every hope and dream, every exotic vacation, all financial, health, imagined successes, all personal desires, come from this key, this linchpin, the master-link — and that is YOUR conviction. When you inside cement the belief that “you will do whatever it takes,” you will climb any mountain, overcome any obstacle, then you become absolutely unstoppable.  With unwavering conviction, to make a thing happen, to create a reality, to do what is vital and burning in your heart, you can do the most remarkable things. Conviction, determination, persistence, never giving up, finding a way through any wall, over any obstacle, are the fuels, the fire, the burning desire that will get you […]

The Opposite Power of Adapting

To cower in the world, to leave too much on the table, to sell yourself short, to let your most prized talents go to waste in the dungeon of fear and doubt is to where too many stay, and live and not merely in quiet desperation, but in denial that there is more, they can do more, they can live in the light of higher possibilities. The opposite of adapting to life, to playing it safe, so to believe bigger, greater, is to set dreams and goals and desires in motion. “You become as small as your controlling desire, as great as your dominate aspiration. “ — James Allen This day, take a sheet of paper and write down all […]

The Power of Knowing— “What Comes First?” #6064

Along your journey through life, your life, this amazing array of wonder and awe, where some strife finds its way in, where confusion and illusion and minds getting mixed up, off track, jaded, yet satiated; there is one thing, and only one thing to go back to, to rest your mind upon, to reassure yourself all is well, and that is to know for sure, without a doubt, as it applies to all, to everyone you meet; it is the cornerstone of the highlife living; it is the milestone in a young person’s life, it is the rock, the stability of anyone at any age, who has finally arrived, who knows a thing or two, and that thing is how […]