Taste your Dreams

             Have you ever thought you need to, you get to, it is your joy and bliss to…not only chase your dreams, but you need to taste it, feel it, see it on the horizon, get so close to it, you can see it from you roof, you can image it, see it at dawn, see it between the double rainbows.

            Get your dreams to come to you like a shy deer in a meadow, like sitting in a car you want, test drive it, smell it, put that picture on your desk: Invite those dreams to become real, to be so close you anticipate them, you feel them on the verge of coming, showing up, becoming real in your reality.

            Taste what you want, then it is almost there, actual and absolute near your reality, already coming into your existence. So no matter what that might be, what that dream is, just realize your dream is chasing you and you may be just standing still; but it is coming to you, seeking, searching, narrowing into your very real world.  “What you want wants you.”

            Find a way today to dream it so, to become the capturer of your most fertile dream:  Get so close to it that you are anticipating, anytime now, its actual arrival.  You don’t know how, you don’t know when, but it is a certainty in your mind.  This is the mental state of wishing and making wishes come true.

            Say you can remember when you were six years old and it is Christmas Eve and you can barely go to sleep because you know there are presents under the tree, and more coming down the chimney.  It isn’t an almost or a sort of or a maybe so—there are actual presents waiting for you to open.  You are so excited, so very ready to open them, you cannot sleep.  You hear hoofs on the roof.  You keep looking out the window to anticipate the arrival of more and more— and it is purely wonderful.

            Fear is the only thing that can separate you from what you want.  Fear in all its insidious forms, the little nagging voice of doubt, the fear of being able to find the money, the habits of not enough, of emotionally repelling what you want with uncontrollable doubt—the fear that is so often just in your head, that eats at your confidence and heart, that gets in the way, where you lose the trail, forget what your dream really tastes like, and all those tiny, malicious thoughts that say you may not be able to get what you want.

            Get rid of fear and all its machinations.

            Instead, open up your dream; look at it, feel it, become it, watch it form into reality…for what you image…imagines you having it, holding it, becoming it, traveling to it.

            Do anything and everything today to bring your dream closer, into a better, clearer focus—within arm’s length: The Tesla in the driveway; the residual income in the bank with auto deposits; the new house; the growing business; the flourishing friendships; traveling to Nepal.

Everything that you want can be tasted, anticipated and materialized into your very existence with unwavering belief, pure, undulating, committed belief that the goal, dream, your worthy ideal is on its way.  You are on your way.

Your ideal world is just around the corner, and things are beginning to happen in magical ways that you cannot yet conceive, you don’t even know how, you just have a clarity and focus and a determined, never- give-up attitude, that what you want wants you, and it all will be here in a blink of an eye, before you know it, in a snap, a New York minute, before you can say I wish upon a star.

            Be so fantastic at letting your dreams find you, that you are like Merlin atop the castle walls, you are a magician who can pull a hare out of the rabbit hole, an alchemist changing lead into gold.

            Your life is dreaming into existence, into your material world, whatever you can believe.

Believe it and taste it, anticipate it and watch it show up even today, before the next sunset, sooner than you may even be able to realize.

If you can taste it you can have it.