“Believe and Succeed”

Whatever you can hold sacred in your mind…you can have, get, accomplish or become.  Believe in a business that runs by itself, all the while, you are out climbing Kilimanjaro.  Believe in creating opportunities that weren’t there yesterday.

Believe, believe and believe some more.  “Don’t believe everything you think.”  Better yet: “Don’t believe everything you believe.”  Even better: Check your limiting beliefs at the door.  Even farther: Expand, stretch and create better beliefs, more powerful, more serving beliefs that can take you from here to the clarity of there.

Believe in things you have not yet let yourself believe in today: In perfect health; in the car of your dreams; in a worthy cause or ideal that consumes you—where you never work another day, but play your way to success.

Believe in succeeding, in massive success, in “no-how,” not just “know-how,” in taking a single searing, burning idea, desire, passion and watching that grow into a truth, a reality, a position on this earth that is earned by thought and wonder, happenstance and perchance and letting the mystery of this world aid you…as you confidently begin to believe in things you did not even know were possible.

Believe in overcoming doubt, in not conforming to the status quo.  Believe in higher perceptions, in spiritual completion, in letting all your dreams roam the world and come back to you, in the exact form and thought you listed on paper, in the way you know it will look like when it is done.

Beliefs, held long enough, with clarity, without contrary thoughts or undermining limiting ideas or negating emotionsare but vectors of light that take on material form.  You really are the Merlin of your own world. 

Beliefs are taking you from where you are right now and projecting that light upon the cosmic screen; then it steps off that screen into your real world, into your life, to influence and dance and become the desires that are fueling a passion and position in your powerful, incredible, remarkable and unexplored mind and spirit.

“Your mind is the last unexplored continent on earth,” according to Earl Nightingale.  Explore.  Discover.  Invent.  Create.  Watch your world grow when you plant seeds of your most precious desires in the fertile soil of your focused mind.

Believe in believing, in cleaning up those beliefs, clarifying them, honing them, keeping them safe and sacred in the sanctuary of your enlightened mind, a place where they can germinate, grow, become powerful, truth-filled—in a world where truth is a scarcity, where what is possible, too often, is left out there in the ethereal world: Lost, hoping, wishing and staying in the imagination, afraid to venture out into the real world.

Believe you can succeed in the real world, the physical, material world you wish to create, to touch, to see, to put into motion.

Think upon these things, and let your focused energy, your positive and perfect feelings mold, create, become anything you can hold fast and long enough, with love and higher energies, in your great and powerful mind.

The rest is hearsay and heresy on the tarmac of taking off, of flying, of becoming the most creative and lighted human being you have yet dreamed possible, yet dreamed into your actual existence….

Believe and watch your unobstructed beliefs begin to live outside of your mind; let them out to play, to do, to become and create.

Find a single belief that can change your life, change the lives of others, and help it become, expand, form and appear… with thought, with conviction, into its physical equivalent.

What else do you have to do?