Are You Still Dreaming?

What are your dreams?  What were your dreams?  What can be your dreams be now?  Can you light a fire under dreams forgotten, those lost on the boulevard of broken dreams? 

Are you still playing the excuse game that you are too young to have the power, too old to rekindle, too cynical to begin again, too static to revisit them?

Don’t you think it is time, today, this very moment, this instant, to clean off your dreams, to clarify them, to put hope and faith back into them, to dream again, or to dream bigger and faster and more incredible, more expansive, more elaborate?

If you are not dreaming, and if you are not watching those dreams stir, get into motion, begin to actually form in front of the facades of human knowing, if you don’t perceive those dreams starting to race toward you as you finally give them permission to, then, why not right believe it again right now?  Why not give your childhood memories permission to again enter your mind, enter your subdued adulthood, to rise up and meet the skies?

Humans dream, and act on those dreams; that is what we have been created to do.  Everything you see is someone’s dream: A super train, a skyscraper, a great wall, a pyramid, a jet plane overhead, an alligator wrestler, a tornado chaser, a hot air balloon journey over the Pacific.

What dreams have you put on the back burner?  What if, just what if you believed again in your crazy big dreams, the ones that stir your soul?  What if you didn’t even worry about how they will happen, and convinced yourself that worrying on any level is a treadmill, is negative dream getting, negative goal setting?  And what if you just knew, in your heart, trusted in yourself and the world, the universe, the powers that are so far beyond your present comprehension, but trusted, really, truly trusted in your worthy ideal, in your cause—and whala, saw those dreams begin to form on the very edge of clarity, on the edge of your most focused and excited imagination?

“Your dreams will not wait for you forever.”  Get busy, active, believing, conceiving and achieving those things that are burning in your heart, soul, spirit and mind so you can soar above the mundane, run the gamut, chase the wild goose, climb the bean stock or the Himalayas, live out the fairytale, create who you really are to become in this real, concrete, material world…and see them show up faster than you can even imagine—in actuality.

Everything is possible.  Who taught you otherwise?  How did you come to believe or accept a certain level of mediocrity, in an average day, a constant milieu of ordinary that you surely must, this day, this very moment in time, break on through…surge into greatness, into an impact, an influence and something absolutely remarkable.

Dream big.  Dream clean.  Dream clear.  Dream your dreams into existence with power and belief, without doubt, without worry…then watch them come up to meet you, grace your gracious and grateful mind, lift you up into the stars and the skies where your wishes and hopes are arriving into your life— as soon as you believe they will; for all else is nonsense and non sequitur meandering on the peripheral of your lost dreams put away for too long.

Get those dreams out now.  Believe in them again.  Breathe life into them.  Do whatever it takes to let them out, to let them roam free in your mind, in your world, where a single belief, a pure, unabashed conviction and decision to make them so…will propel everything wonderful into your life.

“Everything is possible.”  Yes, it is a mantra worth repeating daily, an affirmation that will change the course of life that you have experienced to date.

Wow yourself into miracles happening: See them, become them, live them—for life is here and ready for you to create more; don’t wait another single moment.

Embrace your dreams and they will carry you through all circumstances, over the sands of time, into the real, material world that you can marvel at, feel, see and touch them.

Marvel more!  Create!  Dream: It is your destiny!