What 95% of All People Do Not Do!

So you have goals, ideas, ideals, worthy causes, things that you know you want and must and should and could and may do.

Only 3% of all people have written down goals, and you have done that, right? 

You are excited and passionate about a dream, a goal, five goals, 100 goals, and you are focused and filled with enthusiasm, yes?

Then what is the missing link?  Why are you not creating massive success?  Where is the bottleneck?  What is slowing you down?

So you get a little down, are not excited that your dreams seem not to appear into your life as fast you want them to.

What is the missing element that 95% of all people forget to do, to realize and muster up the inner fortitude and strength…to take a dream, a wish, a hope…and make it happen in the physical world?

Could it be that you have limiting beliefs that you are not even aware of?  Could it be you are spending time with the wrong crowd, people who are dream stealers, those who would rather drink beer and wine and watch TV, than inspire each other to dream big?

Could it be that you are the consummate entrepreneur and you have, “shiny object syndrome,” and go after every new glittering idea, notion—chase every wild goose that passes by?

Maybe it is as simple as staying fat and complacent and satisfied in your parameters of living, your comfort zones, not willing to step away from the safe, the ordinary, the mediocre—the status quo of being average.

It might even be that you have some kind of secret fear of success, of massively changing your world, the lives of the people who you care about.

There are so many details and derails and off-tracks and detours and cul de sacs to get lost in.  What is yours? 

Maybe you have simply not given yourself permission to fly, to soar with the eagles, to swim with the sharks; maybe you do not believe you are worthy, or no one in your immediate sphere has encouraged you, for they too stay within the fences built in their heads, the limitations that are like facades and imaginary walls and boundaries and lines and cliffs and barriers that are not even there.

95% of all people forget to do one thing.  Execute.  Implement. Get a dream from the drawing board to completion…to complete a project and finish a cycle…to begin the process of dreaming by visualizing and imagining what it will look like when it is done.

Execute your dreams.  Implement and take the necessary action, to make them come true.  Be willing, no matter what, to do whatever it takes, to execute and finish and see a goal, a dream, something you intensely want, to see that to the finish line, to completion, to yes, be able to exclaim: “This is completely done.”  That has happened.  It is now a physical part of my real material world.

Then you can repeat: “I did that.  It is done.  It is complete!”

This will give you incredible power, momentum and create a success cycle that you can use over and over to accomplish the next fun and exciting adventure you choose to make appear in your amazing life.

Identify and clarify your burning desire, your dream: Then decide to do whatever it takes to make it happen. 

Execute your dream.

Execute your plan. 

Execute all fear.