Learn to Fly

 Before you can walk, before you can crawl, before you can do anything at all, you need to learn how to fly…to glide over mountaintops, to soar the valleys and light off a crest, fly past the top of trees, to shatter all of the ideas, the goals, all that you have you done before, to go where no one has gone before—no, to go where you have never gone before, to rise above the distain, the hard rains, to plough on through, to dance a jig, to raise the roof, to buy the perfect car, to make the money, to change the lives of the people who you love and care about, but most importantly to teach yourself, to learn how to fly.

When I was very young, probably no more than four, I remember getting on top of the washing machine, believing I was like Peter Pan and that I could fly…and I jumped and hit the cement floor pretty hard.  I don’t remember trying to jump off anything after that to learn how to fly.

How about you, have you tried to fly lately, tried to go so high, take a shot on working so hard that you create that jet, create the dream to come true that you have been waiting on?

Your dreams will not wait forever, so start this very instant; don’t even read the rest of this.  Create a dream right now, a plan and do whatever it takes, starting now, to put that dream in motion, to believe you not only will start it, but complete it.

            Don’t wait out another excuse.  Don’t wait another day.  Don’t slow down the progressive realization of your dream…for you were born to fly…but your wings got cut off somewhere during the night, before the six grade, during a long talk with yourself where you started to believe in not believing: Might’ve been a word, a glance, a person, a parent, a teacher, a person in charge, who somehow implanted an idea, that you were merely, only, just, somehow nothing more than a biped, a lesser man, a smaller entity that has limitations, charred parts, a stationary roll, a dedicated life of struggle and lack.

            Fly high.  Fly today…so high you can touch the sky, so far beyond what you have ever done before, ever thought before, ever saw before, and let your spirit fly, your inner truth absolve all doubt, and give you wings, give you a truth that cannot be questioned or denied:  For you are of the sun and moon, the earth and the sky, “you are superstar, right you are.”—John Lennon.

            Today, plan out your trajectory, and never give up, never light or lie down, never doubt that everything you desire is up a tree, is the silver lining of a cloud, is but doubt turned inside out and you are on the high roads, the paths less traveled for you can and will fly into your most prize dreams, your highest aspirations.  You can and will do it.  Start now.

            Do your life, don’t just think about it.  Achieve your dreams today.  Continually learn how to fly faster, higher, smarter, so you can teach others to fly around the world, through the universe, past the limitations in the mind, over the fences in our heads, for you, we, me, all of us are miraculous beings, pretending to be earthbound, when…a simple shift in the mind frees us all to travel at the speed of thought, and achieve greatness.  Do not be nailed to earth by your limited thoughts.

            Begin now; it is never too late to decide you can really fly.

Think of Richard Branson, he has risked his very life to fly around the world in a hot air balloon, to create 400 companies, now worth 4.7 billion…oh, what does Virgin do…hmm, interesting…It Flies.