Grow with Light



In life, in your every day experience, in what you want to accomplish, in what you are experiencing right now, grow more.

Growth means what, to elevate the self perhaps?  To see beyond the borders of the ordinary?  And yet, this may be only a starting point.

Grow your perceptions of life.  Grow your experiences so they take your breath away, so you begin to dazzle the mind, dangle the mind in front of ideas (more often) like eternity, like grace, the forever divine, the progressive realization of you. 

Take that step away from the known into the unknown, into the mystical, the magical and the inexplicable.

The next frontier may be space, may be colonizing one of the 61 moons of Jupiter; but I think, the next frontier is the extrapolation from an ordinary experience into bliss.  Joy should be the meter of your personal growth.  Tintinnabulation should be a word that syncs with this circumlocutionary and burgeoning exploration.

Growth is delving into the metaphysical with a physical bent.  To grow is to bring your non-judgmental mind (your observing without evaluating*) to the story, to the game of your life, so as to let openness and expansion jump your claim.

We know only a section of this world, a slice, a very thin slice of all things, and should we not believe in expansion, in revelation, in truth elongated into fringes of our galaxy? 

You think you live in a pretty good size universe?  Try this one on for size: Light travels at 186,000 miles per second.  With that speed, light can go around the earth 6 times in one second. The Milky Way galaxy is so large it takes light 100,000 years to get across it.  There are at least 100 to 200 billion galaxies.  This is where you live, in this tiny universe.

Growing us, our ideas, our minds, our spirit, our experiences, all of it takes light.  So there is an amazing light component.  For all humans who are on a growth path, those who are aching and itching to see past the parameters of their own belief patterns, all must embrace more light, more delight, more undulating-creating along the timelines that are erasing right behind us and in front of our very eyes.

Engage growth.  Become a seeker of a higher order.  Seek out nuances and gesticulate into the stars.  Everyone is made from stardust, seriously.  So take giant steps into more light.  For it is our light that sets us apart (better said, that unities us).  It is the light of your spirit that illuminates your way to higher ground, to the profound, to where only the gods get to play.

Make growing toward the light, make being of a finer light, this enlightening experience of life…elevate you to grow out of your skin, out of your humanity, into bean stocks shooting into the sky, into jet streams, into allegory, into a stairway to the outer edges, to sipping on the divine and grace, to realizing potential may be bigger, larger than life as you’ve yet imagined it so far.

It is our openness to more possibilities, to more expansion, to a gyrating energy that releases joy, that opens up the sky, that reigns down all the inspiration we crave; this is where to look, to look under and over, inside and out.

For growth is shattering the glass houses we live in (the norm): It is breaking free of the mental restraints; it is letting this cosmic light shine through every pore, every moment, every experience; and then realizing, yes, there is still more— more portals, more epiphanies waiting on the edge of what you believe you thought you knew.

Growth is where all should place attention, resolve and couple that with a dash, a sprinkle of magic and wonder. For this opens up ideas, opportunities, but more than all of that, it changes your spiritual DNA. 

And then, you will never again live in the shadows of the status quo, in the dim light of fear or doubt or a willingness to throttle this incredulous experience of your so called (so often, taken for granted) — proverbial life.