Enjoy #5058

So the greatest word in the English language (in fact, any language) is “enjoy.”

For no matter what is going on, where you are on the spectrum of life, look, see, and relish and appreciate and be in high gratitude for something, anything: A straw of morning sunshine; the crickets chirping on the last day of summer, the cloudless sky.

The highest gift you can give yourself is to enjoy all moments (yes, especially this moment). Smile from the inside — why? Because there is nothing else.

Your life is now, is sewn with the scene of what is happening: So pick a card, any card, 8’s and aces, or a full house — and enjoy it all.

And the highest gift you can give this world (and all who you meet) is to be a person of enjoyment, to elevate yourself above all circumstances (some seemingly pulling you down) and smile. Be of good cheer. Add a modicum of peace to everything you do. Inject energy and inspiration and delight to all those passing through this looking glass of your life.

For when you are a creature of light, that light spreads everywhere and illuminates all things around it.