Don’t Let The Swamp Drain You #5054

Ok, so there is this thing you have, let’s call it a dream.  And as you begin this dream, the first thing that happens is that you run into all the dream stealers, the naysayers, the critics, the low minds in low places, the myopic minds with their tiny heads always looking at the ground, at their feet, at the pebbles in the road; you run into all this opposition and repression.  And it is your mission, your divine pleasure, your decided advantage to find a way through it all, a way around it, creative ideas and ways on how to skirt and shrug the system, to fight with all that you have, and make up your mind, no matter what, no matter who, no matter the obstacles in the road, no matter how difficult it gets, no matter the odds, I will win.  I will find a way to get to the goal, achieve the dream, and inspire enough support, from those who catch my dream, to get the job done.

Whatever happened to the idea of: I get what I earn?  It is time for young and old, ideologies untold, to all clamor together and believe and realize that you get what you earn.  You will and can accomplish the most surprising and remarkable things with this sheer belief in yourself, with the energy of truth that is steeped in inspiration, that is that inner resolve that: I get what I put into something. And the world is my oyster. The earth is my domain. And the universe is filled with support for those who will earn their dream, earn a living, earn a right to be one of the greatest motivator in the land because they are willing to work harder than everyone else. Yes, they will triumph in the face of all opposition, and they will never look back and never turn into salt.

Don’t let the swamp drain you.  What is the swamp?  What is this analogy, this parody, this idea of something insidious, sinister, against the visionary, trying to hold back the dreamer, the ones who are willing to stick their necks out, risk more than most, willing to go out on a limb, willing to influence and change and grow and rile up the neighborhood?

The swamp is the status quo, the average thinker, those fear-based and doubt-invested, who are not willing to rock the boat, afraid to go against the grain, to venture out on a new ideal, to ride that vector of light into the sky, to embrace a channel of influence that is controversial, that is too new to be accepted quite yet.

The swamp is filled with the alligators of discontent who are clinging to the old, to the static, to the same ol’ same ol’, those timid minds, those stubborn and know-it-all souls who got it all, have all the answers, are steeped in mediocrity and live out their lives in sarcasm, and in contempt of change and in the artificial bubbles of safety and comfort, not willing to explore anymore, to grow and admit new and enlightening ideas into their myopic, yes, that word again, myopic, little, tiny, small, closed, routine minds that keep them so secure in accomplishing the most mundane and common and innocuous and nonessential things.

Vow today to do something spectacular, and fight, fight, rage, rage against the dying of the light, the light in your eyes, the light in your heart, the possibilities that run amuck and run rampant through the excited options: Give yourself more options.

Do today what others will never do tomorrow.

Achieve more and fight those swamp reptiles. Create more by never giving in.  Realize, no matter how many small minds you run into, no matter the new laws, the political correctness that tries so hard to turn the most amazing day into a languid and anemic detour.

Remember, instead, there is always a way, a chance, a possibility if you will stay true to your ideals, your passions, and be audacious, be outspoken, be the one who will never give up, because you know in your heart, you can win.  You can make a difference.  You are (right now) having an impact by your sheer presence, your consciousness, by the way you walk into a room, the way you argue for your ideas, the way you are willing to go it alone, inspire a handful of followers. And this impact is happening, whether you see it or not, measure it or not, or even track it yet.

So drain your own swamp.  Stick to your own ideals, and make your life a legend, more than a footnote, or an afterthought, or a flash in the pan. Why?  Because you are willing to learn the wisdom of living the remarkable life.  You are willing to not give a damn what others think.  And you are willing to stake your very existence on this inner truth that will bring you everything you desire, if you will stay close to prosperity, to optimism, to your inner resolve to do the most marvelous and magical things.

Drain the swamp in your head, and you will be led, down the path of aspiration and celebration.

The rest of your life has begun today, this instant.  Don’t waste a single thought on what is not possible, because the impossible is waiting…just for you.

See it and it will appear.