Be Enlightened

All you need in your daily routine is no routine. All that awaits the awakened mind is quick-print reality from the cawing of the crows, the crickets, the chattering of a squirrel, a fly landing on your hand in a dance of cross species communication.

This day pray for more mystical experiences, a divine chime, a remind sign, a personal awakening where you realize: “I am not sleeping anymore.”

Try on cosmic consciousness for size — a tender and laughing “realize” and you will titillate along the morning hours. You will soar in the quaking noon, and you will laugh inside the twilight.

Today is your awakening, it is your connecting to something supreme, so over-the- top that the best you can do is sit is awe (dropped jaw), bespeckled wonder as the big sky is blue, the shy moon is calling your essence back home, and you can feel something like infinity whispering, truth blowing through the trees, and a wild conjunction between the ordinary and the extraordinary — the supramundane.

Live in this piqued sense of pleasure and bliss and ecstasy…and you will release a blessing, an appreciation, a realization that earth is divine, that you are here for an exciting ride, and the enlightened awaking is all around: A journeyman of muses calling your name; a plethora of perfection sipping sarsaparilla; a smile of its coming wisdom; steeped in a comprehension that you have arrived at the gate of the ethereal, eternal ecstasy—your personal awakening.

Experience the super mystical and you’ll get it, be it, play along its shores of outrageous perceptions.

Live for these experiences for they are as plentiful as oxygen, as free as the wind in the pines.

See it. Feel it. Let its surge of power and bliss take you on the ride of a lifetime…exploding light bulbs, windshields, wine glasses and bottlenecks along the adventure of a lifetime.