Time Wealth* Blog # 5050

We are all living in Time, right?  Here are a couple of questions: What is your conception of Time?  What are your ideas around Time?  What is the most valuable use of your Time? How can you make Time your friend, align with it?

Time is a slippery concept, or should I say, it is a reality and has many aspects, facets, nuances all over the place. 

And it is not so much our understanding of Time, rather our peace with Time that is where the power lies.

For example, if you see an aspect of Time as lack, or not enough, or I can’t get everything done in a day, or that it is pouring through a sieve and it can never be recaptured, and you always seem to say, “I just don’t have enough time,” then Time is more of an enemy, than a friend.  Then Time becomes more of something to use and struggle against, kind of a use-it-or-lose-it way of looking at it, fearing I don’t have enough, and it is running out, and I must chase it down, from moment-to-moment.

Sure Time is a precious commodity, but it is in infinite supply.  You do have enough Time to do the things you really want to do — that are important to you.  And, all of us can train our minds, and train our ways of using, seeing and understanding Time.  We can expand our concepts of Time so we get the most out of a day, most out of an ideal; we do have the Time to achieve what we need too, that may require a lot of time to grow, to germinate, to come into fruition.

There is an esoteric, mystical way of looking at Time that will take all the pressure off, that will align with the divine.  Time is one of the most incredible parts/players/substances of this universe: It is right up there with the speed of light, black holes, dark matter, quarks, and some of the best mystical realities that are changelings, that are esoteric, metaphysical, transcendental, and theoretically inexplicable.

Expand your ideas on what Time is (what it may not even be).  Many astrophysicists believe Time is not even real, just an illusion, a façade covering infinity.

Anyway you look at it, as it applies to the ideas of achievement, accomplishment, changing and growing and using this ethereal thing — one of Time’s highest values is when it is used for creation, when a person is engaged in high value tasks, high value efforts and uses Time to help them to actualize real dreams, real accomplishments in the real physical world. 

Time is the stuff all “creating” is made of; the tool we use to create.  And being creative (living in the creative mind) is and can be and should be one of (if not) our very highest attainments in this human aliveness.

Why?  Because if we are made in the image of the Creator, what does the Creator do?  Hmm, let’s guess: The Creator creates?  So when we use time, fiddle with it, play with it, as we create remarkable and spectacular and incredulous things, Time becomes the substance, the tool, the building blocks of creating dreams, ideals, worthy causes, and elevating human purpose to the status of the gods.

Time is not easily understood.  Think about this conditioned, made up, manufactured and too easily accepted concept of packaging Time: Monday, Tuesday and all the rest of the days of the week. Yes, they are all made up.  Who made them up?  Who made up weeks, months, years, decades, and centuries?  Mankind. 

And so we fit our reality into these packets and prescribed containers of Time.  Before humankind, say when the dinosaurs roamed the earth 65 million years ago, at that time, was there really ever a Monday or a Friday afternoon?   

So this example is only a way to help us understand that Time is more than the overlays we put on it, more than socially-accepted and conditioned ideas of how we must and should and are taught to interpret Time.

Now theses packets, “days, weeks, months and years” of time are helpful, and direct the flow of life for humanity, but they are totally conventions, totally made up.

How many calendars have been made up, say in 1582 the Gregorian calendar, then before that the Julian, the Chinese?  And as we get more worldwide acceptance, these overlays condition us to believe they are true.  They are not, just overlays on top of a reality, just our conditioned conceptions of time?  Time has way too many mystical facets to be captured by a Thursday.

What about Einstein’s ideas of Time that it slows down as you speed up?  And the poem about traveling at the speed of light (then, well, I have no idea how) but you leave on a Tuesday, and you arrive back the previous day, Monday? All so perplexing yet so intriguing.

There can be a befriending of time, a noticing of it all, an insight, a realization, that time is much more that we believe and know.  

For Time with a capital “T” is divinity: It is multi-faceted; it has a truth and a wisdom that is not just perplexing, but inspiring, freeing and beautiful: A place where true freedom is found, kept and relished.

Time is something that can be viewed through perception and perspective in a myriad of ways, all of which can be right, all have truths and substance.

It is our peace with time that may be the most important part of it all.  Time is a place to reside, to absorb, to appreciate, to be in awe of.

Time is not something that has any lack to it.  Time is not (should not) be something we fight from 9 to 5, from weekday to weekend, from getting somewhere faster and faster, all the while forgetting that Time is really a friend, a tool, a mystical partner in the living of the this  extraordinary life.

Expand, reflect and befriend this ally of Time, and it will be part of your ecstasy, bliss and inspiration and a compatriot on your journey along the sheer edges of the infinite. 

Believe you are wealthy in time, and you will have all that you ever need.

What is the highest use of your time right now? To enjoy it! 

*”Time Wealth”: Words a participant at a Gary Barnes seminar threw out; I just don’t who it was or I would give them credit.