Aspire #5045

In this life, you are regulated to achieve massive success in the area of your vision.  You cannot withdraw, or slow down, or abort mission, why?  Because it is you, it is why you are here, it is your mission on earth, it is the only thing that can breathe life into a larger ideal, filled with promise and happenstance, with jeweled and encrusted gauntlets laid down for antiquity.

This day take time (no matter where you are on this spectrum of life, no matter how you feel, what shiny objects get in your way) to clarify your pathways to the stars.

Get a fulltime focus on what you want to see have happen: Your vision, your divine opening, a new possibility, a dream lifting you up, and stay fast and steady in the area of your highest aspiration.

This is how greatness is manufactured, manifested and moved forward. This is how the portals open, how the right people show up, how you never ever give in or give up or give too many second thoughts to chasing more rabbits down holy cows.

This day, focus, clarify, get re-entrenched in the possibility that shines through your eyes, that gathers up all that you are made of and throws it all into the cause of good, into the most inspiring part of your life.

Throw caution to the wind and sail into the sky of dreams, of who you are meant to be, who you are capable of becoming as you fit dream with task, as you take time and wrap it around the infinite intelligence, as you stay close to meat on the bone of your dreams, dreaming bigger, faster, more profound and in harmony with who you are.

You have a  mission that must be achieved, so as to leave your slice of wisdom behind, so as to influence now with more powerful energy sources coming from you, your influence, “your sane way” your higher ground, your – adventure.  And pursuing your highest aspiration is your journey of a lifetime.

Why, because that is what you are here to do: Remove the blinders, focus on something that really stirs our souls.  And let no person deter you from the completion of tour highest aspiration.

But (you may ask) what is my highest aspiration?  Sit quietly for moments, write out some affirmations, write down what you want, your dream buckets, your desires, what moves you, and watch clarity come to you, become you, become your life’s mission.

One overarching aspiration for every human is to become peaceful with who you are, peaceful with this world. Do this and from this settled place (this higher state of being), will come ideas that inspire, and your purpose will become clear.

Your highest aspiration comes from touching on higher consciousness and dwelling in truth, opulent ideas, in a burning desire, a clarity of what you really want to do, that is purposeful, meaningful, a little scary, that stretches the skin right off your bones.

For it is the stuff dreams are made of, the inspiration in the soft part of the night; it is your highest calling to clarify, to focus, to elevate your game.

Get so entrenched in your mission, that it obliterates all refracting light, stops (in their path) the many rabbits you think you want to chase, dims and dilutes all the shiny objects, and gives you a straight path up ahead, a torch to walk through the jungle with, a sojourn to footnote your journey through.

Yes, you (as do all) have this highest aspiration.  And sure, you can clarify it more.  You can get so clear on your mission in life, that it will scare the dreams right out of you.

And yet play with the idea, this eluding idea, that your highest calling is hidden from sight, is gold yet discovered, is dancing on the edge of a seeking mind, and is in need of capture, of clarification, of study, of honing it, seeing it, believing it, focusing and clarifying it so as it becomes the double rainbow after a hard rain, the aha moment that gets you in the soul, the mind’s eye, in the mind that will discover the gold because it is there; it has always been buried in the deepest part of you.

This highest aspiration is waiting for you to grab hold of it, play with it, have fun with it, enhance it, and take it all the way to the finish line as you win and raise up your arms in pure triumph.

Are you not here to live the extraordinary life? If so, then let no one, no languid thoughts, no detours, take you from this mission.  Clarify, elevate, focus, and write it down, and speak it out loud, put it in daily affirmations, and watch the divine take hold. Watch the most glorious things happen. Watch the most intriguing people begin to show up.

It is what you were built for, this mission, this truth, this most delightful place to put your peak energy so as to have an impact, make a difference and get the juices of who you are flowing through ever cell in your body.

The clarification of your highest aspiration is yours for the taking.  Grab hold and never let go.  Grab hold and keep expanding this ideal, this worth cause, this inner truth, your very own mission into a pursuit of a lifetime as you surely will enjoy every minute of it.