Leave the Door Open: Dance Upon the Grace of Time #5049

Leave the Door Open: Dance Upon the Grace of Time #5049

As you learn, as you wonder, as you become, as you realize how powerful you really are, leave that door open.

And what door might that be?  Is it metaphorical?  Is it an analogy of life?  Is it a mystical door where only the sages and truth seekers get to pass into a world of milk and honey, the gates to Camelot or Xanadu, the Emerald City of Oz?

This door is real, for it is the flooding of abundance, of prosperity, of peak states of living in health, in wealth, in relationships; it is the door of universal bliss, divine time, where all the opportunity and possibilities live next to the oracle in the sky, where the gods drink mead, where the women are clothed in gowns of gold thread, where all the men are magnanimous, and the sunlight is that soft light of dawn or twilight, where the winds are warm are your back, and the children are running around in the streets, playing games that make them smile and grow, and seek the wisdom of living in the pure delight of happy.

Leave the door open, for it is a real door, and it is in your head, an opened mind, a deserving mind, a parachute at 10,000 feet near the edge of an inside airplane pushing out adventurers (one at a time) screaming with excitement.

This door is the door that gives more life, and inspires your days, and keeps you in the spirit of love and wonder and awe and creativity; the door of enlightened play, lightness of being, where new day stays new, all is alarmingly beautiful: Dancing light and stars spread across the next night.

Leave the door open in your heart, in the depths of who you are, and you will see it is not an analogy, for it is (real) wealth consciousness, scintillating, an alignment with a cosmic certainty, an intelligence that far reaches what you know, what you have ever felt to date, for it goes far beyond the status quo.

Leave the door open that unifies the illusion, and leaves the open-door people with a “seeming impossibility,” turning over on its stomach in broad daylight.

There is a door within you, a door of wealth, of happiness, a door of peace that when left open, wide open, is the actual gates of heaven here on earth; then you the proverbs from the ancients, the open-book of hidden secrets revealed to the mind that is lucid, clear, and uplifting — a rainbow arch over the highest wonders on earth.

Leave open this universal mind of jumping-jack creativity, and witness its use, the power it welds.

Grasp on to it, for it is joy in you, releasing: Your gifts and talents at work, better said, expressing your gifts at play in a universe that has no bounds. A world that is expanding right now, as you are expanding, deepening your understanding of these gifts of prosperity, divine joy — a line sight to what is real.

Move over and get out of the way of anything (in you) that is blocking the light from shining through the open door.

Live the lightness of being that elevates the mind, your mind, your life, your experience of living full-force (satiated and inspired) because you are the door.  You keep your own mind, your own spirit, your own physical being opened to receiving more, to align, in harmony, with the divine whispering.

Realize more.  Experience the abundance, prosperity and awe of living because you are not afraid to keep the door open, to let the ultimate universal energies flow faster and more profound and stronger through you.

Yes, this is a reality that all can experience, from where you are, to where you believe you want to go, from now to then, from 500BC to the end of the 25th century.

You control your mind that controls the gates of opportunity that is within. You expand your perceptions that elevate your being.

You can and will release the real currency of bliss, joy and inspiration that rushes through you (right now) and cannot be turned off unless you do it.

You are the gatekeeper of this open door, this gate to living the sky-high life.

Share it. Dance upon the grace of time.  Leave a trail of wonder; its majestic existence that is infinity at work.

Leave the door (of possibilities) open, and your heart will sing.  You will whistle all your days.  You will smile because you know, and this certainty can never leave you.