Escalate into Great #5052

Along your life path, these days and hours and moments, you will find yourself paralleling greatness, with others doing great things, alarming amazing things that align with you.


And this is where you get to award greatness, gather everything you’ve got: Blood, sinew, energy and passion; gather your highest senses together and recognize greatness, in those who are unafraid, courageous enough to follow the whispering inside, that path of greatness, that chute into more — more expansion.


And you applaud them, revere them and intensify (in yourself) what they’ve got, what they are willing to do, to express…then model that greatness.


Then you too become flooded with inspiration to do your own spectacular feats, to race around planet earth with a smile, a higher purpose (a distinction) a raising up of possibilities, dancing upon time with grace and élan and wonder and awe — an energy shot that elevates the mind (your mind) (all minds): You, too, escalate into the great. Get into the light, the tantalizing moment, held up to a higher standard, shining through, realizing anything you can dream up, can done with a stepping out, an elevating your very own greatness — the branding of you.


Then this (elegant) world shimmers, is filled with excellence, is filled with truth and a kind of resolve that says, “Yes, I am here.” “Yes, I have arrived.” “Yes, everything I think is possible; it really is possible.” “Yes, I am going for it.” “Yes. I am here now and you will see me escalate into greatness.”


The time for greatness is now. Do not wait a single second to express it. And by expressing your brilliance (your greatness), realizing it fully, internalizing it with all that you’ve got, embracing it without question, you parallel your light with the light of others.


Then you are instantly awarded for your fearless journey into what you are destined to do; rewarded for your very own “progressive realization of a worthy ideal or cause”*. You have purpose. You clean up your vision. You discover the real reason you are alive.


Then pure power surges through every cell of your body.

*Partial quote by Earle Nightingale