The Power of Knowing— “What Comes First?” #6064

Along your journey through life, your life, this amazing array of wonder and awe, where some strife finds its way in, where confusion and illusion and minds getting mixed up, off track, jaded, yet satiated; there is one thing, and only one thing to go back to, to rest your mind upon, to reassure yourself all is well, and that is to know for sure, without a doubt, as it applies to all, to everyone you meet; it is the cornerstone of the highlife living; it is the milestone in a young person’s life, it is the rock, the stability of anyone at any age, who has finally arrived, who knows a thing or two, and that thing is how to live the perfect life, to sail the extraordinary sea of ups and downs, of this and that, of here and there, of getting to what is absolutely and emphatically true.

And what pray tell is this magic, this moment that arises above all moments, the experience we crave and starve for, this settling of inner confusion, this peace that transcends all else?

Well, of course, you know, it is what the great philosophers have talked about for centuries (read some Aristotle); it is the key performance indicator of the sage and the sagacity that abounds; it is the last breath realization, the greatest “aha” moment you have ever (to date) experienced so far; it is where all the bliss and joy and elation and creation of a mysterious and bountiful world rests its case, a knowing that finally sets you free, gets you the top of the mountain, and you do not have to descend into the dark valleys again, where you really cannot fall off the horse, or the wagon, or into the illusion of despair.

Yes, it is within the grasp of all beings, all creatures of habit, all entities and extremities, characters and heroes, and second-bit troubadours and smiling muses and poets, a place where when you get there, you get it, you see it, you embrace its lasting bewildering insights that take you to the highest human extension of living the greatest show on earth.

Yes, this is the simple notion of “Happiness Comes First.”