The Power of Consistency #5024

But isn’t all greatness, all successes, all massive results, doesn’t it all come from consistency.  In our pursuits for greatness, in all our endeavors, be it wealth, health, creativity, legacy, does it all not start and end with being consistent, not only in the actions we take, not only in the good habits we form, to get end results, but more than anything, it is the consistency of our thinking, about what we want to show up in our lives.

Years and years ago, Andrew Carnegie said if you want to be wealthy, you need to have a “wealth consciousness.”  Can we not apply this to any reality we wish to experience in life?  I want to be a great leader so I need “leadership consciousness.”  I need to first believe and then it will be so.  If I want peace, contentment, joy, and this deep seated purpose of living an intentional and purposeful life, I need this inward and peace consciousness.

The consistency of thought precedes the actions that precede the feelings of attainment.

So be consistent in your pursuits of whatever is vital in your unfolding life.  If you want to be in peak states of achieving, then should you not get the consistent sleep you need, eat the right foods, do the exercise, all those things that make your body hum, soar, and thrive on the consistency of creating better “health consciousness” in your life.

To do the most remarkable things, surely all we need to do are the small things, the knowing things that will get us there.  To have great relationships, consistently spend time with those you love.  To have the money you need, consistently do the things that create more money, the habits to save more money, consistently building a wealth fortress that is impenetrable from the shifting winds of so called fate.

Be consistent, in your small, often unnoticed and imperceptible acts that get you in harmony with the thing you wish to see appear in your physical world.  Be consistent in how you show up emotionally and that “Rock of Gibraltar,” that solid, unwavering positive attitude will create any reality you seek.

Be clear on what is vital, and good, and true to do, and it will take you as far as you can possibly see to date.  Read the gem of a book, The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen and it will give you the ideas, the inspiration and resolve you need to stay in the light and power of personal and professional and spiritual consistency, and the rest, as they say, will be history.