The Opposite Power of Adapting

To cower in the world, to leave too much on the table, to sell yourself short, to let your most prized talents go to waste in the dungeon of fear and doubt is to where too many stay, and live and not merely in quiet desperation, but in denial that there is more, they can do more, they can live in the light of higher possibilities.

The opposite of adapting to life, to playing it safe, so to believe bigger, greater, is to set dreams and goals and desires in motion. “You become as small as your controlling desire, as great as your dominate aspiration. “ — James Allen

This day, take a sheet of paper and write down all the things you will do, accomplish, have, buy, go, be, become, and find the thing that is most tantalizing, fascinating, exciting, alluring, and go for it.  Let no thing, no one, no excuse, no fear, no doubt, no trouble get in the way of your highest aspiration.

For to adapt too easily is to be fuzzy, foggy, unclear, not certain of what you want to have happen in your life, what you want to create, what worthy ideal, what truth, what legacy you want to inspire within yourself and have form on the edge of your manifesting imagination.

The stalling of your dreams, the complacency of where you are, the acceptance of a life, of “that is just the way it is,” the resting on your laurels, or saying, “Hey, I did enough, I climbed high enough,” is the starting point of hardening aspirations, where you are not willing, or not knowing, that the best of your life is yet to come, is around the corner.  You have yet to meet the most interesting people, earned the most you ever have in a day, a week, a year,  or have yet to travel to the most exotic places, seen and done the most amazing things.

For to rise above your own sense of prescribed mediocrity is where the meat is, the truth, the glamour, the wonder, the enchantment of doing more remarkable, stupendous, incredulous and scintillating things that will take your breath away.

For it is the greatest conundrum of any human life, to see that you are existing in states of perfection, and yet you have a wild burning desire to have and create more.

When you can accept these oppositions, these seemingly polar opposites in living the defining life of declaration, in harmony and pursuit, a life in peace and still climbing higher, and merge these as brothers in arms, as two sides of the same coin, then you can enjoy and achieve, you can be at peace and in motion, you can do and be, you can become more as you completely are who you are in the most delightful ways.

Adapt to pushing your limits, as you will be thrilled along the ways.