The Power of Your Nature

Get thy back to from hence you came, to the snow that abounds at 9,600 feet in Breckenridge, Colorado, on a last March weekend.

The truth of living is extruded through your senses, and is heightened through nature, the calm, the quiet, the blizzards, the wind, the snow-loaded pine trees.  Where anyone can attune, align and parallel hugely deeper meanings.

For this is found out of town, along the glens, in the long, pitch-silent valleys, where the clouds look like giant angel wings, where a quietude and THE perfect moment steeps in the eyes who are willing to stop, to listen, to gather in something superior, beyond the pull of the city, traffic, radio, internet.

For it is in these sacred places of pure and lovely nature that we find who we are, a reflection and amplification of our inner harmony that is powered by a mind that is willing to slow down to catch an epiphany, a mind that is willing to let in universal and cosmic machinations.

In the skies, a full moon rising, a sunset flaying the clouds into roseate parts, in the silence of a forest, the soft winds, a light rain in spring, lightning over mountaintops, there is an immense power, a coming home, a reassurance to the deepest part of any human, that truth is real, that “life is more than the facts in your head,” that you can feel it and experience it much more than dissect or analyze it.

This day, these days ahead, fill your spirit with the power of nature.  Find sacred places, secret getaways, power spots, then intentionally spend time there, so this elixir can cure the agitating, racing, chatter in your head, so as to meld a soul, “peace” meal a life, instill within the eventuality of reality, the profundity of settling the gyrating spirit to see all the way to the fringes of eternity, where the infinite whispers, the bewilderment sits quiet, the searching and seeking and discontinuity slows down to the sound of a calming creek, the pace of grass growing, a storm moving through in the most calming elegance.

You are not part of nature; it is not something different from you, for you are nature.  Just let what is in you align with what extends from country sides to quasars, from the Amazon to black holes, and you will realize the power of your roots, your extended family: The skies, the moon, the sun and the stars glittering through who you really are.

Be the answer.