Focus Only on Opportunity

       In life, in your life, my life, isn’t it true that if we look continually to the mountaintop, we will climb that mountain?  If we ignore the negatives, then the positives always win out?  If we continually monitor our thoughts, choose the good ones, keep focused on what is possible, what is anticipated, expected, desired, then dreams actually will come true, worlds will align, mountains will move, the earth and the skies will open up and help us get to and toward and go in the direction of our highest aspirations?

            What if today, we formed a new actual habit, all of us, kept our eyes on the prize, flew toward the sun, “became the changes we wished to see in the world,” completely ignored the doomsayers, and those who criticize and point out where the doer of deeds should’ve done better?  

What if today we slept like a rock and woke like an inspired sage and began putting into motion vision, dreams, all that is good and sincerely steeped in our hearts; and we began with so much passion, so much energy to form a world of truth, of beauty, of wonder, of inspired and enlightened living, that no man, no woman, no circumstance could ever hinder us, no problem could detour us for long, no hardship would stall us?  Because, well because we have formed the habit of cosmic consciousness, of bliss (—no matter what) of elation as a daily exercise, as a reality that we have discovered works and creates the ideas and ideals and projections of what is truly valuable, that which beats in our hearts as important and meaningful and purposeful.

            So this perfect and glorious and gracious day, let’s focus on our dreams, our highest aspirations. 

Make a pact with yourself to get out of your own way, to forget to care what others think, to jump and leap and take a chance on your most focused vision…and then watch you, me, those with the courage to persist, the valor to succeed and dream, watch those realities which we desire and envision, show up in the physical world.

            When you are ready, completely, with 100% resolve, when you are the vision in your head, committed without doubt to your dream, then nothing can stop you.  Nothing can take you off path.  Nothing can prevent you from your absolute and prescribed greatness.

            Leave a legacy by always, always focusing on what is possible, on opportunity that appears, that is created by a connected mind, and then even the impossible will come up to meet you.

            You and I can do this: “For what we conceive and believe we will surely achieve.”—Napoleon Hill, paraphrased. 

Go for it. Make all your dreams come true…it is why we are alive.