“Think On These Things”

       This day, this glorious recurring moment, this dance between what is and what can be…why not watch carefully each and every thought you let cross the sanctity of your own mind.   Check your every thought at the door.

            What is possible, what can be, what is enjoyed—all of it is decided upon in the fertile and fluid mind and how you chose to think, think about life, about how steeped in magic you would like to be.

            So today is the day to power into a higher place, to see the end of the rainbow, to wonder and guffaw and lend a moment to stir your soul, to stir the pot, to rummage through the hourglass and create worlds untold, scenes unknown, wonders and potential untapped.

For you have many worlds to conquer, surprising people to meet and to bring along the way…on this journey of your lifetime.

            What do you have to lose but not taking a chance, sitting too safe in the doldrums, in the harbors of what has been as you wait for your ships to come in, thoughts to subside and outside forces to comply.

            Think it so.  Believe it so.  Watch worlds and opportunities enhance the enchantment by refining and controlling the quality of your thought, what you will let your mind entertain.

            “Your mind is either your friend or your enemy.”  This is up to you to decide which to play, which side to spin, which worlds you wish to see grow into concrete dreams, wishes forming into physical realities.

            Think it and you can achieve it.  Guard the sacred mind, and filter it with hope and love, wonder and mystery and curiosity and it will raise you up to sagacity unknown, sage experiences beyond your comprehension.

People will come to your door to meet you. Inspiring ideas will rotate, pirouetting, “spinning infinities,” all will ground you to an eternal moment juxtaposed next to a spiritual awakening akin to Gandhi bathing in the Ganges, Bill Gates imagining at the floodgates of world expansion on some salient Saturday night with pen and bar napkin in hands and a few loyal friends toasting the future.

            Your future has arrived. See it. Think it so. Dream it so. Become it and your greatest aspirations will, right now, begin to form on the very tip of your imagination so that you are finally willing to…“Think on these things.”—J. Krishnamurti.