CelestialCelestial Thinking, Feeling and Seeing

Where are you today?  In the USA?  In India?  In Singapore?  Or are you amidst absolute cosmic realities/perfection…in a niche, between the far reaches of this universe, standing on the edge of wonder, and portal of worlds colliding: Many worlds theory, quantum perplexities, left over magic shimmering on a horizon near you?

You are made of stardust and cosmic wonder, spun from celestial purple planets, spinning in a distance and gyrating organic imaginations. 

You are beyond Pluto, seeking the outskirts, not of your town, or city, but the outskirts of a cosmic dance, a meandering, where other planes of existence are hanging in the balance, where beauty and awe and completely unfathomable occurrences dot the sky like 60 some odd moons over Jupiter, or billions of stars, just rotating in our very own galaxy.

Who are you to play it small on the greatest stage, this celestial world that creates everything, where a thought becomes a physical thing, where you can tap into sources of power, of illusion shedding its skin?  Where quarks and quasars and twinkles shine from tiny children to Andromeda to the inhabitable parts of Pleiades in the nightscape as you look up and are in ethereal states of wonder? 

You can see it.  You can be of source, of this universe, a force to be reckoned with, a smile slicing open the night, a proverb covered in saturated wisdom.

The celestial world is more real that your stoplights, than your grocery stores, than your tasks and duties and offshoots of ho-hum ordinary that catches you like a ball along the mundane, the miniscule in the mediocre playing fields.

Become this cosmic, universal, celestial truth in your presence of being. Tap into and be enveloped by the dawns early light, the flight of amazement gathering in your echoing heart. 

Be connected to the forests, the trees, the seasons, the winds of time and change, the imprinting of truth, wisdom, beauty and bewilderment—all on a fertile and malleable and impressionable mind that has not yet closed itself to this cosmic dance, this paramount and inexplicable universal appeal—a higher consciousness that pervades all things, in all ways, in all lands.

So what you really need to do is capture a glimpse of the tailcoats of God, the infinite whispering that is storming the fort of your prescribed security of living.

Just look upon it with child eyes.  Gaze once again.  Be in states of contemplation and wonder.  Believe in altered states of mind, of being…of really, again, seeing. 

Believe you can and easily touch upon this cosmic world, that you are not only a part of, but that is you, inside every breath you take, from where you have been born: Your mother, your truth, that which supports your every dream.

The spirit and cosmic and universal and celestial world is waiting for you.  Tip your hat.  Acknowledge this deeper purpose, meaning and truth.  All you have to do is open your heart and eyes, so your soul can see.