Matching Frequencies

Your job in this life is to create massive success doing what you love to do.  So look to where you can match frequencies, attract the easy roads up ahead, watch someone, something, some event, a circumstance, an idea, an ideal grow into a physical reality.

            “Everything you want, wants you.”  People want to play your game.  Circumstances want to form around the clarity in your head.  The open roads, the faraway dreams, these and those wishes are all gathering in your mind, in the forefront of your dream-states to create, to attract and bless the perfection in your head.

Your dreams solidify in the bewitching hour where you have been burning the midnight oil, where you begin, one foot in front of the next, and one thought added to the mix, so you can match frequencies with massive amounts of money, incredibly astute people, ordinary moments that grow extraordinary results.

            Everything you can dream about, and think about over and over, will come to pass.  You can learn the skills and match the frequencies that are in the ether to make any idea flourish.

So create a dream from a mere wish.  Decide to wed a projection in your head so it shows up in your physical reality.

            How?  By adjusting your own frequency.  Attract that which is looking for a home.  Like attracts like.  Potential attracts higher potential. A decided direction for a dream, attracts all that is necessary in this magical world to make it happen, to make it so, to make ideals squeal into the fertile imagination and spin out gold.

            All you have to do is spin this gold, wrap your mind around your own personal potential and match frequencies in a world that is wanting and wishing and waiting for you to turn up the power, the light, the details of your desires so that you can and will become what you think about…wish your frequencies into higher consciousness.

            Do the dream, and the dream will do you.