Concentrate on What You Want

             In the world of disasters, where men with lackluster characters, where governments shutdown, where all you see is the pointing of fingers and the shades of grey, the question is , “What are you focusing on?”

            Think of what is possible, what is fun, what can be done, what proverbial comfort zones do you dwell inside, where you draw the lines, the ideas that are too easily excepted…like a bullet (or truism) shot through three or more generations from the 1700’s and paralyzing each one until it kills you today in the heart of the 21st century on a mundane Monday.

            Decide on greatness, on not letting the grabbing little hands of defeat or discouragement or tainted ideas take hold of you and stop you from a remarkable day, that may hinder your successes, rain on your parade, ream your dream.

            Be resolved to look toward the mountaintops, to keep your eye on the prize, to look carefully at each idea you accept too easily, and turn it over and examine it, and wonder, and consider and say, “Is this empowered enough for me? Is this realization all there is or is there more?  Is this cliché worth accepting or do I need to expand it, enhance it, enchant the ideals of where I am going, who I am becoming, what realities I am willing and wanting to create.”

            All is well if all is well in your head, if you are heading in the right direction, in the compass-part of going north, instead of letting or accepting or even entertaining the thought that things might be going south.

            Examine and identify and pluralize your highest aspirations until they start forming on the edge of your detailed imagination, until the cows come home, until you add vim and vigor, determination and inclination…that your passions are really your passions, that you will not focus on what is murmuring in the shadow, that you will not even give countenance to the screams in the eves, to the voices that come from the center of the earth.

            Look up.   Look up to the stars, the cosmic possibilities, to a new bar that has been set, a new day that offers communion and free-flying, spirited inspiration that just comes with the territory…the territory of belief, of wonder, of mystery, of a magical turn in the road of life that is smooth sailing, is full throttle, is getting you where you wish and want to go because your mind is already there.  Your imagination is already at the oasis.  Your anticipation is under the Christmas tree and is ready and waiting to be opened.  As if the reality that is in your head is wed with actuality, the physical reality that is showing up like delivered birthday gifts a few days before you celebrate and blow out the candles.

            Embrace what is possible and it will rise up to the mountaintops where the air is sweet, the view is forever and you are drinking the Kool-Aid, sipping on the chalice of eternity.

            Believe, achieve, get out of your own way, and let no little bumps in the road stop you from the journey of lifetime that happens in moments, in days, in the swagger of a courageous and audacious mind.

            Go for it today. 
“Make all your dreams appear in your rear view mirror.”