What is Possible?

Have you ever thought about what you can do, what you can achieve, what legacy you can leave, what movements you can begin, what generations you can influence

Yesterday, I went to a roadside stand to buy Hatch’s roasted-on-the-spot, chili peppers, got a couple bushels.

These peppers are now world famous, grow in a tiny town in New Mexico.  So big deal right?  No, I bought these amazing chilies so I could freeze them for winter, so I could make one of the greatest green chilies you have ever tasted.  I bought these chilies so I could see them roasted them right in front of me, smell them, have them bagged in a large, thick plastic bag so they could sweat.  I bought these chilies because they are seasonally, only here for a short time then you can’t find them until next year, and because I am alive, steeped in the adventure: Why not have some fun, do something different, explore what is possible?

            And these Hatch peppers, come from a no-name town just off I-25 as you head near Las Cruces.

And what have they created, but a world famous name, a brand, a marketing arm that gets itself into all the major groceries, an idea that has grown around an entire region…and, did I mention, peppers to die for?

            So what is possible today in your world, in what you want to do, in the dreams you have or had and put on hold until tomorrow?

“Tomorrow is not a real day.”  Do it now.  Step right now into the dream that is aching in your heart, that is subdued by a muted imagination, by the trials and tribulations and default living that you have accepted too easily.

            “Do not accept what is, instead embrace what can be.” 

Always keep away from those who say it isn’t possible.  Fight against the inner turbulence and inside turmoil that is nagging in your head, about thinking negative, thinking about how difficult, or about how it is so hard.  This is the illusion.

            Embrace the magic and mystery, the God-ness, the infinite that moves in mysterious ways, the reality that anything is possibly, that with the right mind set, the right attitude, with a crystal clear belief, everything will be put into motion to create that skyscraper, that business called Microsoft, that vacation on the beaches of Spain, that tour through the autumn leaves of Vermont, that money in the bank, that Tesla electric car—anything you desire, as long as you believe in the fertile possibilities.

            Regenerate a dream.  Recreate a life.  Live the adventure.  “Don’t just get by, fly by.”  Don’t just use excuses of the government, the economy, bad health, bad relationships, create the reality you wish and your wishes will begin to formulate, to appear on the fringes of your expanded vision, your dancing imagination.

            “Everything is possible if you are possible,” if you let your thoughts be possible, if you leave behind the doubt, the fear, the discouragement, the negativity of worry or frustration and begin this instant with vigor, begin to let the adventure form on the verge of your most scintillating anticipate.

            What else do you have to do here on planet earth but dance and sing and love and create and wonder and mystify? As the critics, do the opposite, and are lost in sarcasm and cynicism with pickled faces and serious rules of how it surely can’t be done.

            You can do anything, create anything, as long as you condition your mind to uplift itself into the divine, the sublime, the port wine, all that is good and blessed and sacred and gracious and then…remarkable and alarming things will happen.

            This is universal law.