Your Greatest Advantage

You have a choice, a decided advantage, if you are willing to notice, to see, to realize what this perfect choice is.

Start today to spend time on the edge of your dreams—on what is possible.

Think of life as a reaching for the stars, as an easy grasp of the infinite that you just almost understand, as a moment in time where the dance begins, where the muses and manifestos, the paradigm shifts and cosmic drifts…all align somewhere near the Maroon Bells in the Aspen autumn, right next to the great adventure in your head that is wed to a desire, that is tethered to the cosmos, that is expanding, gyrating on a plane that is unknown…but spinning ‘round.

You have this advantage with you at all times, that is with you in the wee hours of wonder, that is sitting on the edge of your bed waiting for Christmas, that is longing to become, to be sung, to run the gamut of what you know so far.

Everything you want is up ahead (in your head) in the ether, in the fuzzy part of a forming reality that is comingling and jingling on the verge of anticipation.

You have the competitive edge, the resounding trumpet signaling: Start your engines.  Start the race.  Form physical reality with time, effort, belief—but most importantly—with your thoughts.

All you have to do, get to do, want to do, wonder about doing is an easy formula if you will but choose your thoughts carefully, choose who you are willing to ignore, who you want—and who you do not—to play with in this adventure of…not just a lifetime, but of your lifetime.

Choose your thoughts, choose what you are willing to focus on, choose your friends, who you are willing to enlighten and spend your days with, then all that is magical, all that is pristine and glorious, all that is expounded by the wisdom of generations, the sages whispering from centuries ago, caught in myth and yellowed scrolls (mystified)—then all will become your norm, your accepted truths, your “go for it” in a fog, in the sunrise of tomorrow, in the satiated today locked hand over  fist with the past and the future, where the world (that is your friend): It is conspiring with and for you.

Choose your thoughts and friends and where you wish your perfect mind to light upon, then you can and will have it all, be it all, feel the motion of the earth, the movement of the universe as your aid, your brethren in cohorts.

For you are and can be and shall be one with the one, truth on a ship of dreams that has come in, and didn’t even pass you in the night.

Your life now, with idea and circumspect, with thought and feeling, is superlative poetry laced with sobriety and grace, love in the race, a shiny and higher face in the turmoil of perceived issues.

There are hundreds of grabbing and groping hands, limited minds, detours from greatness, things that are stilted and in your way.

Ignore it all.  Focus on the mountaintops, the truths that prevail, truths handed down from generation-to-generation, batons and torches, lighting the darkest night, the roads up ahead—embraced by the fluidity of your higher-conscious mind.

  Focus only on the inspiring parts, then you can step into your brilliance, your power, and the hour of pure creating.

Create what you let rise to the top, and skim off the crème de la crème, then you are as free as a cat let out, as free-wheeling as you believe your mind can be.

Success is a choice, a choice of thought, of who you will let rummage through your time, and what you will let influence your precious and sacred mind. 

All else is subterfuge on a cloudy day.

Be the light.  Be the way.  Be who you were meant to be: A force of one, helping one another, an adventure that you create today, this instant—this glorious moment.

            “Hooray…and up she’s risin’!”