Shine Like a Diamond

 Who are you to play it safe, to live in the shadows of who you can be?  “You are a super star, right you are.” You can go where no man has gone before.   “You are like a diamond in the sky.”

There is no room in this massive universe to play it small.  Everything is majestic, magnificent, huge, unfathomable—perfection in motion.

            For a cosmic example, our Milky Way Galaxy has 200 to 400 billion stars, so there are countless solar systems.  Now expand that and see, just a guess (since we can only see a fraction of this universe) there is estimated to be 200 to 400 billion galaxies in this massive home we can the universe.

With a universe so large, with a cosmos that is not even able to be comprehended, then who are you to play it safe, to get out of the race, to limit your potential, to reel in your capacities.

Anything and everything is possible, just get the universe on your side, in stride with your highest aspirations and you can glide to the fringes of Pluto.  You can fly past the 67 moons of Jupiter.  You can create a multi-million dollar business.  You can do it all, have it all, become it all if you raise up your eyes to the heavens, extend your conscious mind out a few parsecs, to the edge of this cosmic amazement and realize you are in the mix. 

You are alive and in position.  Be willing and able to make something out of nothing, to grow a bean stock, to climb Mt. Everest, see the Grand Canyon, the Great Barrier Reef, the Aurora Borealus, Paricutin, Victoria Falls, the Harbor of Rio De Janeiro.

Your face is the human race, another natural wonder, the explicit dormant reach of a mind willing to seek, to extrapolate into 14 billion years of evolution, contribution, elation on the planet of now. You are a natural wonder.

Nothing can stop an opened and aware mind flying like sunrise colors in the sky.

So commit yourself to greatness, to the next ensuing dream, to whatever you are willing to conceive, believe and the rest is history, the rest is perfection forming on the fertile part of your blissful imagination.

Have fun, begin, love every minute of it, for you were born from greatness, you are stardust and sunshine and moonlight, you have roots in the cosmic that is so vast, so much left to know, to discover.  Reach out with a mind filled with awe, bewilderment, with dreams yet to live and get out there and create the life you choose, the adventure is afoot, and you are the master of the destiny you are engaging.

Shine like a diamond in the sky.