Instantaneous Success or…

Instantaneous Success or…

(Live as If you Just got of Jail)

What if today you began to see, to witness, to comprehend, to enjoy…yes, fully and completely enjoy every single second from the time you awoke, to the first word you spoke, to the morning sunrise and all the in-betweens?

Today is not the first day of the rest of your life…this moment is the first moment of the rest of your life.

Take heed, take notice, take all that is given from the extraction of a keen mind of all the beauty that abounds, surrounds and leaves you breathless if you but see with open eyes and wide-opened heart and the awareness that is dormant and latent and cowering in your too well-trained automaton mind.

Wisdom spun too tight, intellectualism honed to a disability, knowledge that doesn’t serve or work or get you there anymore; these just might be the speed bumps in your admired sobriety.

What if just now you took a moment to hear, see, listen, become, dazzle your own detailed perceptions and round about notions of life, your life, what is really happening from Wichita to Katmandu, from right now, to right now again, and in just a moment from now?

What if you make a conscious choice to be so on fire that others want a piece of you, that you extend the cosmic truths that are still unknown, where you now can fly and soar and laugh and jump and run and play like a four year old in a candy store that has a side ice-cream bar and new toys on the shelf to buy?

What if you decided right now, that this is the best day ever, best moment ever, that all the stars are aligned and it is your instant to shine, to achieve sanctimonious-ness on a church porch, to play it sacred and gracious and grateful and alarmingly blissful this very joyous day, filled with sarsaparilla and ice cream parlors and ecstasy and superb moments that will not stop, that flood your senses and emotions and notions of… “What is really going on around here?”

This moment is asking for your communion, your participation, your elation, your commitment to play, to give back, to relish, to contemplate, to stand so tall you touch not only the sky, but the cosmic forces that rain down on a brain ready to receive the energies of an eternal universe.

Watch out for every thought you think, every habitual way of doing the same old same old…so as to be the light, be so light on your feet that they smell like roses, they get you from here to there “squared,” in a huff, in a hurry, and you arrive because you never left.  You see because you borrowed a new pair of beginner’s eyes.  You fly because you studied Leonardo, and the eagles along the foothills and the Taoist priests who once littered the ancient country sides.

This is your moment to settle in, to two step, to live in Texas, to climb Denali, to watch a Colorado bee fly through a December morning as you wonder, and realize, things just may not be as you normally perceive.

Jump up and down.  Live with a song and prayer in your heart.  Fart and smile. No one heard!  Live a lark.  Do not let anyone hold you down. Do not let your own uncontrolled reactions hamper your flight, your light, your focus on infinity.

This is the exact moment where your density and creativity crisscross paths that are seldom taken.

Watch, see, realize the magic that lives under your bed, way inside the recesses of your head…that lifts you up and creates and shows you the hidden treasures that are right behind your third eye.

See with all that you have got, and you will get it…not today, but in an instant.