Focus #5062

Find a slice, a short view, a long commitment to a niche.  See what is it that you can be so narrow at, so good at, so focused on that all else becomes secondary, sedentary, settling along the timeline of now, this day, this month, this quarter…the rest of your life.

It is the person who can narrow down their focus, who can excel, can dwell on the most important and eliminate the urgent, that gets the massive results.

Find a way out of what has to be and needs to be done, and, then, instead, get to what (your focus is) your desire is, get to what you truly want to get done, that one thing* that will have the biggest impact on all of your life.

Can you hone down where you spend your time, where you want to get a severe result, a massive change?

Can you be so attuned to this specific frequency, this disciplined action that you are on fire, inspired, running the rail?

Be slim in your world, narrow in your dedication, on fire with your burning desire.

Focus this day.  Whittle down your way.  Find what you are excited to do, then carve out a niche.  And niche your way to the rich, to your extreme ideal.  Clarify that one thing, your truth that prevails, that is clear, concise (on the straight and narrow) and up ahead.

And let all the other nonsense go.  Let the pressing things stay pressing. Give up the urgent, mask the urgent with your ideal at hand; that important thing you can do first, and focus on, and on, on, to completion, until it becomes the way to your faster fate.

This the fastest way to get from where you are to where you want to go.  See the clear vision, the powerful next activation, the powerful next acceleration to your greatness, to that goal, ideal, worthy cause, that can change the course of your life as you know it.

Simply define your greatness.  Clarify an ideal.  And get to it, in massive action, with van inner resolve. 

And let nothing (and no one) take you off this path of clarity and focus (not for long). 

Always, remind the mind to get back to the narrow path.  Get back to where you have the biggest impact, not just on this world, but on your life and those who matter most in your life too: Family, friends, important business associates.

Through focus you find results.  Through focus you get to your calling.  Through focus you decide.  Through focus you have an inner knowing.  Through focus you attain the insanely impossible, that ideal and desire that has eluded you for too long, that vital, sought after thing others but dream of, that one thing (when done, when accomplished) will change every other thing (in your life) forever.  This will catapult you into your own brand of greatest.

Focus this day on the one thing that will make a huge, a profound difference.  Focus on that accomplishment that you absolutely want to get done.  Now watch that dream form on the edge of your imagination.

And keep focusing.  Keep the faith.  Keep the ideal crystal clear.  Keep it all on paper, in sync, in order, in the highest regard.

Continually hone it down.  Decide and keep on deciding daily (moment-by-moment) to move toward, to act, to step in the direction of your clarified dream. 

Push, and put massive energy there, and watch the most magical things in your life come to life, grow legs, become who you are, become and begin to show up as the desire you seek.

Do (work on, clarify) your one thing, your specific niche, and you’ll move mountains.  Watch the glory get back into your story.  Watch how you can become the incentive, the motivator, the instigator, the catalyst, the leader of your life.

You can and will invent what is constantly filling your mind. 

All this inspiration spills over…over into your every deed; spills over into the hearts of others.  Spills over into every thought you think and every feeling you feel.

This is the day you write it down, get clear (clear as an inner knowing) and you keep thinking about, all the time.  It has you, and you have it.  And watch as it makes the most magical thing, your highest aspiration, begin to happen. 

Then it forms on the edge of your mind, for you now know and can see clearly of what you want to have happen.   See with resolve and imagination.  See all the way to what is possible, and how to get from here to there, from idea to ideal.

Get from the day, not just through the day.**  Get to the elation of your creation.

Focus:  Burn up your paper dreams with a magnifying glass igniting an entire fire within, that takes over routine. Then you life becomes remarkable, spectacular and a movement that creates what you focus on.

Is it that simple?  Yes.  Is it easy? No.  Is it worthwhile? Absolutely. 

*Idea from Gary Keller, in his Book The One Thing

**Idea from Jim Rohn