The Power of Your Next Thing #5033

Let’s say you are in a good place, a contented state of mind. You are excited about things, life, the dreams of your life to become, becoming.  You are caught somewhere between high poetry and bedazzlement; and yet, there is a gnawing for more, an unsettledness, a quaking in the trees, a remembrance, a reminder, an allure of things that are still yet to come.

It is time for you to take all that is good, all that has come before you, and rev it up, heightened the game, play for bigger stakes. 

For it may be our very contentment that gets in the way, that can leave us in states of perfection, that will satiate us too easily and slow down the slide into home plate, the home run fervor with the bases loaded.

It is time to play big, to play to win the game, to leave no rock unturned, no thought waning, no summer days filled with too many warm winds and picnic minds that sorely need a challenge, so big, like no one has ever laid down this gauntlet so far.

So what is it going to be?  What is next?  What is the next great play on the chessboard of your life?

Think big, so big it scares the hell out of ordinary thought, routine thinking, unrequited ideals.  Have a hankering for a stage presence, a new deal, another false peak to climb in the ascension of your highest pursuits.

“The good is the enemy of the great,” said Voltaire.  Too many satiated days are the happenstance that we romance. 

Sure, the undulating contentment is where we must be, then push aside the pleasantries and grow an ideal, grow a dream, grow a high pursuit to stretch beyond the comfort zones of living the good life, and getting ready, getting prepared, getting balls bigger than sky orbs near Jupiter, so as to attempt something absolutely stupendous.

What is it this day that you know, a whispering, a left over dream, a backburner aspiration that must be done to 100% completion? 

What is that #1 thing you want? There it is.  That’s it.  That’s what is next.  Now have the consistent courage to make it happen, to tantalize the mind with high wire acts, being infamous, with resolve of the 300, with the persistence to create glory stories, so you can now begin to fulfill a destiny. 

You can now open up a possibility, and you can now spell the word impossible correctly:  I’m possible.

Find that piece of yourself that is aching to be let out, to grow way beyond anything you have ever done, and you will begin to manufacture dreams that have been too long caught in stasis, too long left to fend for themselves.  

Yet now you have a commander and chief to lead them to victory, to appear in the real, concrete, seeable, touchable, actual, physical reality you are willing to make happen.

Yes, it is fine to be at peace, to be completely content, to have arrived at this prized and true state of inner peace that we all seek.  Now use that supreme inspiration to take the next step, to go higher, become higher, to experience life in the highest way possible:  Which is you believing in a much bigger influence, a lightning impact that will circumvent the world.

Go for it.  Identify where you have played it way too safe for way too long.  Now free up more dream space. Free up more energy, more focus to attain the most marvelous things that dangle in front of your mind, that needs to be realized, not just for you, not just to do it, but because if you do not get these dreams out, no one ever will, like never, ever in the history of human kind.

It is your duty, your highest calling, the purpose of why you exist to do something remarkable. 

And yes, you know what these remarkable things are.

Now get busy doing the right things that will elevate the spirit of who you really are, and make your dreams come true, not as a cliché, but as an actuality.

Come on, your next thing is right there: Reach for it.  Go for it.  Make it so.  Begin your next adventure now, daily, as the sunrises, and your spirit soars. 

There really is nothing else to do with this experience of life.