“There Is No Profit In It.” Who said that? #5032

Where is the profit in all that you do?  What are the things that you do that will sway you away, redirect where the gold flows?

Instead, find where the prosperity pools up and leaves a swan’s pond?

Is it not time to identify, clarify, where all that is profitable comes from?  And perhaps, clean up your vision; stretch your vision of what is possible?  How far can you stretch a dollar, investigate the wisdom needed to let the flow of abundance and wealth and the flow of happiness follow its natural course?

Where is the profit in living, in this day, in the place you adhere purpose and ideal to? Where is that flow, that élan moment that lets in the light, the delight, the energy it takes to go from here to there, to actually discover (and actualize) what you really want to have happen?

Profit is the flow (and overflow) of energy, results, revenues, income, wealth, money, abundance, prosperity.

Profit in action (that is working) is the law of attraction used to attract that which is good, wholesome, divine and timely.  Profiting is momentum that proceeds and continues, and flows through us.  We live in a mental universe.  And we are the universe we live in. 

All that is right, energetically directive is a state of mind and a matter of alignment.  Attune yourself, dial in, and parallel your mental state to this always abundant profit energy.

Profit is you getting the results you seek, because you are aware, alert, and attentive to the right pathways, where if flows.

Profit goes to where it is welcome.  Profit is finding those who know what you don’t know, and using their wisdom (of the ages) that works, opens (and keeps open) the gates of profit and prosperity. 

Profit is you using these universal laws to keep the gates of wonder and prosperity open.  For your mind is the gatekeeper, the linchpin in this chain of success. 

Take action now with resolve and unwavering belief that ties it all together: Kites in the wind, truth and wisdom and knowledge that produce the results because it is universal. 

Work close to the money. Think about it.

Profit is doing what is right, and letting the universe put in front of your clear mind, the right people, the right opportunities, the line of sight of what you desire…fueled by more expanded ideas, worthy goals, causes — a purpose-driven life.

Today is the day to fly close to a dream that has been eluding you for too long.  Don’t let your dreams escape.  Your dreams will not wait for you forever.  

So this instant take a first step toward the profiting of clear ideas, clarity purpose, your straight-away directives to get the results you desire, seek, know will happen, as you work in the now, the ever-present opportunity of time, (linear and/or eternal) as you see its many machinations.

Profit is you never giving up, and inspiring others to invest in their dreams. Be that voice, and amplify it caught in all the other voices that are no longer whispers, but a roar, a louder indication. 

Go find this insight and realization that there are better ways, an alternative, a wisdom equation that works for everyone who seeks to leave a legacy.  It is time to solve the conundrum.  Find the profit in living a lifestyle with results that continue and seldom falter.  

It is all about the execution of your dream.  Elevate your dream until it grows legs, takes roots, and follows the arch of the rainbow leaving you the secret treasure map to the pot of gold.