Your Philosophy Is Everything #5038

How you view life, how you enjoy it, your realizations are all put in your bag of tricks, brick-by-brick to build your philosophy.  Yes, you too have a philosophy.  Clarify it.  Expand it.

 Get around people who have a more expanded philosophy, those who can inspire the shell off a more empowering idea, to get to the meat, to engage minds, to grow dreams, realizations, passions, purpose-driven missions, to circumvent a social idea until it breaks free into the ethereal.

This  is the larger version of who you are, what is possible, and the attraction and spiraling up into bigger, huger, larger, more profound thought patterns.  Get a more generous paradigm of what the hell is really going on here, in life (your life) in the your willingness to allow in more, receive more, and let in more light on a cosmic proportion.

This day embrace the philosophy that you can swirl around new ideas in your brain-bucket, that you can charge ahead with glee and simpatico, with charm and delight.

Let joy seep into the cracks and crevices of a philosophy that is gathering up strength to enlighten your very own mind, as you (light as a feather) float along the pathways of a more graduating and alluring and perfect greatness is finally taking hold.

Change your philosophy, change the ideas you hold dear.  Change your philosophy, change life.  Change your philosophy, change what is possible.

Let go of grasping those truisms that do not serve you any longer.  Embrace ones that race your heart, that stir your soul, and whala, you have the exact recipe for living the good life, for walking on the troubled waters above the rabble.

You have allowed, accepted and started up a philosophy powered by truer ideas, lit by the fire by truth, by wisdom settling the very essence of who you are. Your philosophy is what you believe and deem is possible.  Expand it.  Throw away the missing parts.

Your philosophy is your ideals manifesting a reality.  It is what powers the exceptional life.  Look for those ideas, those truths that free you.  Look toward what is possible, still available to the thriving mind, and you will become a great philosopher of wealth, of people, of joy, of bliss insisted upon.

 It is your philosophy that opens up doors, opens the floodgates of who you are, what you can do, but most vitally, this truism of a universe that has no limitations; it opens up your ability to allow in enjoyment, lasting peace, contentment, joy, ecstasy that all are the hallmarks of a great life in motion, in action, in relationship to universal awe that is abundant, available always.

Your philosophy is the stuff that the entire world is made of, like cloud shadows seen from a 14,000 foot peak, or squirrels chattering at dawn with the crows, like you getting a realization: Here it is.  Grab hold.  Ride out the night. 

Detail high poetry with sing song days.  Whistle all the way to and from the edges of enlightenment.  Watch those who whistle.  Watch very carefully.  Be aware.

Change a philosophy, change a life.  Expand your mind to do things that were never possible yesterday.  Let them burgeon up, spiral up in larger circles of expanding truths, and bliss, and amazements: Ideas can grow exponentially.   You can and will enjoy the most pleasant of days.   Realize your connection to all things.  This too is philosophy.

Live the extraordinary life, because you choose to live the extraordinary day, and found it all, every bit of it, in the extraordinary moment that you allowed yourself to dwell in, moment-by-moment, building the most fantastic dreams on the tarmac.

Believe, see, gather these elongated ideas.  Fill in the potholes of your philosophy.  And yes, you know it.  You got this.  You will steep in the charmed life.

But not soon, not next week, not in that misty and foggy unseen future: Live the charmed life right now.

Your philosophy is everything.  Choose well the ideas, the ideals, the realizations, and expanded and joyous versions that overlay on your life.  Do this and you will forever be one, the one, who will not let limitations, shortsightedness and small-mindedness clutter the outlandish reaches of your free and undulating mind.

Seriously: Your philosophy is everything.  Expand it.  Fill in the potholes that make no sense, those ideas too easily accepted, and you will arrive in a limousine, on the red carpet, crystal glasses and champagne in hand.

Drink, have a toast to the most alarmingly new philosophy that lets you, allows you, inspires you to elevate the human spirit to heights yet discovered, and you will thrive beyond what you have so far conceived.

Yes, it is all in your philosophy of life, of living, of potential, of enjoying so much more so that everything is the experience you seek:  Now, today, as you…“Dance circles round the sun.” – Rodney Crowell.

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