You Were Born Great #5030

What does this even mean to be great?  How do you do it? How can you actualize it?

Greatness is a presence of being, getting into an emotion of winning, of momentum, of being powerful, unstoppable.  It is this: “I get the results that I seek and that I set out to achieve.”

Greatest of spirit is realizing a doubt, some fear and that nearly, indiscernible insecurity is within, then intentionally replacing it with a winning attitude, more than that, with a winning feeling, the emotion of greater success.

Expand this success energy within you; let it reach propelling levels of piqued energy, higher scintillating projections outward from your greatness of being.

And, no matter how many times this doubt (the twin brother of fear) raises its ugly head, you believe you can and are willing to replace it with thoughts of bigger possibilities, feelings of winning, a more powerful energy that serves the ambitious and dedicated life.

So right now, whenever you need to, get the engine started.  Move in the direction of your dreams.

For your greatness is just outside your comfort zone, just outside the status quo, the ordinary, the pretty good, the average, the… “That’s just the way it is” acceptance of a reality too easily believed in.

General George S. Patton was asked if he ever experienced fear before a great battle, and he replied, “Yes, but I never take counsel of my fears.”   And isn’t that we all should do, take no counsel from what is not possible, only what we want to have happen.  Do this on a daily (wait) even a moment-to-moment basis, and watch the greatest of you appear as you get the results you envision.

Your greatness is you being afraid and still be willing to scare the hell out these insidious doubts with ideas so profound, so big, you get a “great” replacement plan.  Happiness takes precedence over worry.  Action replaces stultification.  Vision replaces the status quo.  Find your higher value, more inspired ideas of how life is and can be, and let it fly you around the world.

And as you may wonder if it is even possible to think this great, to aspire so high, to have this kind of huge impact, this kind of reach, influence, such daring audacity, then it begins, a landslide, an epiphany: “Hey, I really get it.  I can do the thing I imagine.”

You begin to entertain a possibility so amazing, an opening above, within, around your limits. You grow into and become, and make it happen, for what before seemed but a faraway dream, a notion, an impossibility that is now a dream coming true.

Greatness is not merely about getting more, not only doing more, but as Jim Rohn would say, “It is becoming more.”  What will you become when you achieve your greatness?

If you are willing to commit to a higher ideal, to your own self-flaming burning desire, and follow through, day in and day out, with the consistency of the stars and the sun, if you are willing to risk it all on a single throw of the dice (pitch and toss) as out of the poem “If,” and go long, think long, expect magic, read more books like The Magic of Thinking Big, get yourself around those people, the elite, those committed to something stupendous, outrageous, then you win and win big, in proportion to your willingness to expand your belief: “Hey, this is going to show up in my real, concrete world.”

If you are willing to stay true to yourself, to keep passion for the long haul, not just in spurts burning the midnight oil as you drink espresso, scribbling on the back of a napkin with an occasional muse-shot of inspiration, if you are willing to make a plan, to be big enough, leader-ish enough to find the right people to help do something massively together, find those kinds of great people who will parallel their dreams with yours, then yes, you have a chance, a springboard to jump off of.  You have a track to run on, a way, a purpose and passion and clarity of vision to achieve the most extreme requests you can make of this magical life.

Greatness is taking what you have accomplished so far, and finding better ways, more dedicated people, more portent ideas, more focused plans, more determination, an energy opening out of your very essence, and then rise above it all.  Fly above, soar above these before accomplishments, no matter if they seem big or small.

Because to you, you know there is more.  Your reach has (and this you know, always is) only been limited by self-limiting ideas. Get rid of them and replace them with empowering beliefs.  Play new recordings in your head; let them dig deep grooves into your neurosynapsis.

Then what?  Now you will grow a dream into something outrageously successful, doused with passion, and excitement and glory stories, and adventure, the new stuff. “To achieve goals you’ve never achieved before, you need to start doing things you’ve never done before.” ~ Stephen Covey

Greatness not just as an idea, rather or in addition to, a way of showing up with delight in your eyes, fire in your belly, a calling that will not be quieted for long, as this will stretch and grow who you are.

Believe (with the very quintessence of who you are) that you deserve this greatness.  Yes, you are one of the deserving, one of the powerful, portent, and magical minds that can and will self-create reality into your own desires, into your own prescription and anticipation of things to come.

Yes, you can handle it, have it and actualize it all. 

Align with your greatness and give yourself permission to receive it.  Expect more greatness.  Expand your capacity to receive more.  Expand your capacity to do more.  Expect you can believe it into existence, this dream, this goal, this desire that is formulating within the open heart.  Let in more of the possible to expand into the impossible.

Expand this passion through gradualness. Pavlov on his deathbed was asked to give advice about living, and he said:  “Live your life with passion and with gradualness.”

Now pay any price to have your great expectations become who you are, part of your real life, and the rest is speeding through life as you see it in your rearview mirror.

To live the great life, have great expectations.  Small dreams will not stir your soul.