Do The New

Why should you want to do new things, to accelerate change, get out of routines, ruts and automaton behaviors? 

What can you do to “do the new,”  to notice and play in this new, to fly out of comfort zones, to explore what is undiscovered to you?

But first can’t we at least entertain some ideas about change?  What does it really mean anyway?  Is there some candid philosophies, some misnomers, some undisclosed information we can dig at, scratch at, get at with a stick, with the long-arm of the law, with, let’s say a cosmic perception and perspective?

First, people, and I will include myself in this and all the other reprobates, misanthropes and mystics you see out there, too easily and too readily accept simple ideas, or trite ideas, or marketplace-shopping-today ideas that  we and the masses don’t even question. 

Here is one: Change is happening faster today, at a more accelerated rate than ever before in the history of Mankind. 

Now let’s look at this from the cosmic perspective, from space, on the fringes of the Milky Way, on the outer edges of all galaxies: And a fact is that there are billions of galaxies, and so-called “Change” with a capital “C” has stayed pretty much the same—stars are expanding and imploding and black holes are sucking up the time lords and planets and debris pretty much at the same standard rate of change as it has for the last 14 billion years. 

Now here on earth, we the humans really do think the entire universe revolves around us and our race—and our race against time.  Most of us think, no, change is rampant, out of control, and we are on the historic edge of evolution that is unstoppable, where change is happening so incredibly fast that it is driving us all crazy.

Here is another cosmic idea, a fairly well-known concept in the astrophysics world: “Time is an illusion, and may not even exist at all.”  So that can mean “Change” too is an illusion as it is a time-based occurrence and can be debated by the greatest philosophers of the world.

Here is another idea, to challenge the norm: “Time/Change” is not even a linear event or even a real experience.  Change is happening more as a unified singularity, all at once everywhere and every-when, as things are changing in Beijing, in New York City, in Duluth, on Neptune—all at once, like an explosion of simultaneous events happening right now, from the now, a burgeoning up from the infinite source.

Change can be also linear and eternal, all at the same time, two sides to the same coin—another perspective, as light is a wave and a particle all at that the same time.

 Now, with these different perspectives, ideas, philosophical bents and twists, why (is the question) do we as humans get lost and stuck in our comfort zones, striving to do the same-old-same over and over, getting in ruts and routines; going the same way home, doing the same things in business, reacting the same way with loved ones, etc, etc, etc.?

Well, it just might be we are not comfortable with change, we like our cigars, we like our tea at 2p, we like our big cars, small cars, our ways of staving off the rampant change that may or may not even exist or be real, that is more of a concept, an idea, an experience, a quantum probability than an actuality.

And for some it is their ambition, that fun ride to surf the waves of time and change and still get to Hawaii by sunset, get to San Diego with wetsuits and smiles on and walk up to the beach bars and sip ice cold margaritas.

Maybe if we expand our concepts of time and change, we will welcome it, explore life, be more adventurous and become magicians and masters of change and time and live charmed lives, and welcome getting out of our comfort zones and our routines and blind commitments to overused and expired ideas and activities that no longer serve us.

 Can you, will you, do you even want to change your mind on these things?