The Oak and the Willow

This is life, and it is imperative, vital that you stand tall in the harsh winds, that you have a backbone, have swagger, stand for something, and yet, it is also vital to bend in the wild winds, to be flexible, to tack and change and give yourself permission to change your mind, to be wrong, to begin anew, to adjust and re-aim and refocus and be a changeling on the colored walls of another chameleon day.

Be strong and tall, be stoic and stalwart, be a Spartan, a warrior, and yet, know when to be malleable, and fit and change so as to blend into a changing world, with new information, as being off course gives you a chance to get to your destination in a redesigned and quicker way.

One very possible form of genius is to be the ability to hold two contrary and opposing thoughts in the same mind, and to see the truth of each, and let them coexist, without judgment or opinion.

Can you be the oak tree, and be the willow in the wind?  Can you be strong and stand for your beliefs and be flexible so as to adapt to change, to the twists and turns of a magical life? 

You only have so much information, so can you be willing to reexamine that information, realizing you didn’t have all the facts, that maybe facts are not important anyway with right energy and attitude, and maybe there are no real facts: How about this: Reality is negotiable.  And what may work today, can easily be obsolete and in the rearview mirror of tomorrow.

Stick to your guns, but be willing to abort a gunfight.  Be confident in your complete openness of not knowing, of needing more information, to having a good idea that can be expanding and improved, so you become peaceful in your unknowing.

Be the person who doesn’t care about who is right, but what is right.  Be the person who can stay in the calm while the storms are raging, for life is about tacking in the wind, about stepping into your own personal power, and using that power to uncover what you do not know.

Contrary and opposing thoughts, two sides of the same coin, make a unified realization, a oneness, wholeness and a higher truth, like the yin and yang, both are part of the ONE. 

You are more than a few random ideas that are floating around in a head, a brain bucket, a dedication to strong and Gibraltar truths that may be revised at any moment.

Be the oak when it is necessary and be adaptable as the willow when you must, then you can command the hour.  You can soar the skies, and you can tack, and grow and wonder and discover your way to unexplored worlds that are hidden in your blind spots.

            See it, and so be it.