Sacred Bewilderment

As you progress, regress, awaken, deviate, become—set your highest aspirations as a bar in the sky.  Detail your plans for taking over the world, or staying put in a orchid garden watching the sun, as you decide to ride, wonder and guffaw, as you do the do the do, wonder, wander, solve problems, exit crisis, slip in and out of the pervading harmony,  and is there not a simplicity that abides by all universal laws, a perfection that permeates all things, all moments, each and every activity and meditation, where the world is stripped down to its bare essentials, and you are lost and found in the discovering of ITs most profound consecration?

And is this not the sacred bewilderment that you are caught in between, like the light and dark, day and twilight, complete oneness in the peace of ultimate reality that coexists as coaxial paradigm, outside all notice, attention and perceptions that feed and fill and raise us all up to the status of God-like, be speckled changelings on the back roads to our very own personal awakening?

Be, see, unveil, unmask, witness, pirouette with, dance, sing and feel every heighten emotion you have yet to explore, that this is it: The sacred bewilderment, this wonder and agog of a superb spirituality, a God-ness, a perfection and peace and distance that extends from within to parsecs beyond any human comprehension.

This simplicity is your saving grace, God’s wake, a trail of awe in dust motes along the fringes of your edge of resplendent enlightenment so far.

Become, see, come to grips and rightful own and look at this sparkling diamond, this gold that glitters in every breath you take now and forever more.

And so they all declare: Amen.