Perceptions, Vibrations and Higher Truths….

Perceptions, Vibrations and Higher Truths….

Where are you…on the spectrum of consciousness, the spectrum of time, of truth, misunderstanding, your own level of wisdom with a twist…and your alliance to almost getting there?

            Become a master you were supposed to be, where the good books talk of walking on water, of blue deities along the Ganges.

I so nearly/vividly remember one day, long ago and far away in a land of scimitars and witchdoctors, golden temples and cows walking into coffee shops, when I stared at the Taj Mahal, a beauty unmatched; and there was a full moon accentuating and rising over such massive beauty in the twilight on that very day that was my birthday.

            Yes, it’s the memories we hold dear, the lack of fear, the living wide opened, the gathering of higher consciousness that breaks on through to the other side, where we can and will and shall and want to realize something beyond spectacular.

            And isn’t life more about realizing, dedicating a lifelong pursuit of truth, of higher purpose, of vibrations that takes you over to the next level of sage-ness, lighted wisdom in the clouds, perspicacious moments that slam dunk a truth, an impression that you have been muddled with, as only a notion, a vignette in the mind that swirls.

            Become a seeker on the spectrum of consciousness, a place where the brain and the mind and the cosmic mind and the plug in for your personal nirvana shocks the hell of the ordinary expressions and impressions and lollygag details in lost manuscripts you so gently put to sleep each night.

            Come to grips with the reality that you, yes you, the guy on the street, any average Joe, or cocomo, you, that perplexity arising, can and will see the tailcoats of God this very day. 

You can and will realize, with your own eyes, the demise of mediocrity in living, in seeing, in perception so that you can feel amazing joy, bliss…and kiss a frog that turns into a beautiful toad, who rolls over like the under-toad in the novel by Garp.

            You this very day can scratch the surface of eternity, can teach concepts, actualized realities, like black holes to six year olds who, I have noticed, can come away with cursory remarks about sucking everything into them. When will you come out the other side molecularly changed and rearranged?

And still, today, as you walk the safe streets, parsecs away from the closest known black hole, you walk with a smile knowing you too can touch the edge of something miraculous. You too can think higher thoughts, no-think, realize and get to the meat…right here on planet earth.

            Put a dream catcher over your bed and let all the disassembled ideas, the fractured mind parts, get sucked into the Ojibwe tribe world and come out as a wolf or a hawk and soar past the school girl days and autumn nights of the next great roadside attraction, or carnival ride, or carpet ride or blissful creation that co-ops in your head.

            Your mission if you choose to accept it is to choose to accept it, to realize, to perceive your way to a higher bliss, to genuflect at every crossroads and come away with a newfound exploding epiphany that changes the way you look at rain dripping down a car windshield in a movie theatre parking lot as you gawk at the infinite alone in complete oneness.

            That is all. The rest is conspiracy.

“Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web we do to ourselves.  All things are bound together.  All things connect.”—Chief Seattle.