Believe in the Good

If you will acknowledge the good, you will see the good, the good in all people, in all situations, in all circumstance.  Train yourself to find the good, to be the good, to be an example of what a human being can become, for it’s our potential as an enlightening species.

Why are their movies made of older people, who get cantankerous, who grow cynical and crotchety?  Why is it that life can make a person more harsh and cold and critical of what is going, as (in their minds) the government, relatives, the state of the union, and their perceived world gets worse and worse the older you get, the more you know, the more you realize the disconnect between what people say and do…and you are the one, the person with opened eyes who can see everyone’s faults.   Yes you, can clearly see how screwed up people, governments, countries, ideologies really are, because now, you, are so wise and filled with horse sense, and you can see clearly now and know what really is going on and you can point out a flaw from a mile away.

Is this really the way to live, to become the critic, to raise the ire of all whom you meet?

Norman Vincent Peal, was quoted as saying, “Look for the good.”  And if you do this in all your relationships, in your dealings with others, if you use that critical and examining mind, not for out there, but for in here, for where you are, for seeing your own faults, and problems, and then take relentless personal responsibility to make the changes you need, then you will light upon a truth that can set you free.

“No one ever erected a statue to a critic.”  “A critic is legless man teaching running.”  Train your mind to see the magical parts of life, the options and opportunities to open up yourself to the pervading mystery, to see beauty in all things and all places

Today, be a person of love and caring and realize and become and instigate change for the good.  Add your peace, your higher consciousness, your most acute and crystal clear truths that uplift you, and make you the superior person, the greatness that has had a chance to walk upon this earth.

The only person you have control over is yourself, so become the best you can be.  You be the light, the encouragement, the inspiration that many have forgotten, fallen away from, and take a single idea, a defined moment and turn it into grandeur.  The other day I organized a trip to climb one of Colorado’s fourteeners.  A woman said to me, so I have to get up at 3:15a in the morning, drive two hours, climb a mountain and drive back home…I am not too excited to do this.

She missed the point.  It was incredibly magical to wake up hours before dawn, then to drive through the fading dark, watch the new sunrise, and to hit the trailhead by 6:15a.  Then to walk up and up through the beautiful forests, to see deer, to come across wild mountain goats so close you could nearly touch them, to go up and up and test your endurance, push your legs and stamina to persist, to keep pushing on, and to finally ascend and be over 14,000 feet by 9:30a, and be able to see hundreds and hundreds of miles in every directions you could turn.  I could see Pike’s Peak which had to be at least 200 miles in the south.

Enjoy, relish, take a step into your greatness, encourage others that all is possible, why?  Why not?  Do not be the cynical and critical and cantankerous old people who have convinced themselves how messed up everything is.  Be the light, the smile, the sunshine in the rain, the portent moments in an ensuing storm.  Do this, strive for this and you will embrace and discover and capture a spiritual nature of life that most miss as they are complaining their way through.

Life is an adventure.   Be open to the highways up ahead, the twists and turns and new discoveries and serendipity moments that magically appear to a mind that is unfettered and free to see all the way to eternity.