There are Seven Billion Dreamers

Everywhere you go, in every country, there is a man/woman with a dream, and that person, whether they realize it or not can change the world, at least, can change their own life.  Be a dreamer who can see an outcome and is willing to put in any effort it takes to see that outcome…become.

To see farther than your mind will presently let you, to envision a result, to find reasons to be inspired, to think outside your own limited recurring thoughts, to wonder, when others painstakingly go over old ground, to beget when most are be gone, is to dream the dreams yet dreamed.

Give yourself permission to soar, to fly higher, to go beyond, to take off the shackles, to run the gamut, to stay in the race, to chase the bulls, to persist when everything inside of you says quit, but you do not listen, for you are a dreamer of the next great dream.

Your life is a masterpiece waiting for a master, and all that you need to do is to convince yourself that it can be done, that separating emotions and discontent are for the weak, for you will unify it all, inspire the players to play till dawn, to take a chance, to go for it all while most sleep without dreaming, most stay put, and play it safe, as the banks open right at 9a.

How huge can you dream, and what dreams are you afraid to pursue?  Start them back up in the dream machine of your head of heads, and hold fast to a vision that it can be done, that exactly what you perceive is ready and waiting in the eaves of tomorrow, that you will succeed, that what you what and desire also wants and desires a master to form it, to shape it, to breathe life into it.

You are that master of dreams, that purveyor of realizations, and you can and will become the lifestyle that is dancing in your head, that is a carrot held in front of the rabbit that is running out of the hole into the sunlight.

Dream as if your life depends on it, for it does.  A person with a dream is more powerful than an army, is more influential than a double-talking politician, is the way of the creator, the bliss of a first kiss, the troubadours following the muses along the corridor and down the hallways of higher inspiration.

Never forget what you were here to do. Never forget that your destiny is written by your resolve to match it in the sunset.  Never forget that you can and will and must actualize your destiny for if you do not, if you waver, if you give up and give in to discouragement and disharmony and misadventures, you will die on the vine of discontent.

Be one of the dreamers who dreams it so, who becomes the absolute power of persisting in the hurricanes, in the tornadoes and earthquakes and the devastation of those who gave up at the finish line, who gave away their ticket to be at the ball, who turned back into a pumpkin at 11:11.

Your life is waiting.  Your dreams are starting up like sports cars bought by young men. Your most prized winnings and glorified insights are yet to be thought.   You can and will design a life, and not live by default or your own fault or on the fault line of what could be catastrophe.

You can be the dream that is just about to appear in your head.  You can realize a destiny that is written by you in the stars.  You will dream it so if you do not give up and you hold fast to what is possible and impossible and then that dream will begin dreaming you into the part of the main character who gets the girl, who makes the millions, who takes down the evil empire and finishes the story with glory smoking a cigar in a micro-brewery near Aspen.