What will motivate you today, will take the pain and rearrange it into delighted inspiration?  No matter what storms are raging through, so as to live in the eye of that storm with an eye on the blue skies that are breaking up the winds, and find “deciding reasons” to persist, to pursue, to create, to jump up and down on the bed, on the edge of what can be as you pound your fists on the stray mundane, on the walls that tower over your ideals and worthy causes and plausible conclusions.

Find a great reason to do more than you have ever done before, to crawl out of the yawn onto the lawn where the miniature traveling statue with the cement beard appears out of nowhere; ok, from Australia or northern California…wow that guy gets around.

What is a reason in your mind, on the edge of perception, in the heart of your most steeped awareness that will have you run naked through the forests, have you laugh and sing and whistle…for you are vitally alive, once again, may not happen tomorrow they say, in fact, “they” are another reason to succeed, for they say you cannot find those reasons, you cannot create the money, the income, the friends, the family, the books, the smooth sailing on the glass lakes of your own generating imagination.

Find, dig up, create, invent a reason to thrive, to guide yourself from the valleys to the ridges where the sun is bright, the clouds inch way across the heavens from Kansas all the way to the looming Rocky Mountains.

Find a reason or two today that gets you out of bed, out of your own head, onto the wave, into the momentum, to higher places in the floodplains of some ordinary moment.

You have been created as a spiritual deity; use it as a red herring to catapult you to Mt. Olympus, to where they mead flows and the hot dogs seer.

Find a reason to raise up, to be so determined it blast the walls from here to smithereens, where the fences in your head are torn down, so the cows can come home, and you can roam free, free as a master walking placidly on earth, creating worlds and ideals and worthy causes that uplift not only your small wishes and dreams but raises the consciousness of humanity itself from sorrow into camouflaged perfection: A run on the tables, a pocketful of cash, a reminder that you, and only you can have a compelling reason to proceed, succeed, to deed your life to inspired moments.