The Power of Open

Are you open? To what you may ask? To the spring trees, to the blue skies, to an idea whose time it is to travel through a neighborhood, a city, a country and around the world? Are you open to opportunities everywhere, to the flight of fright, to the beauty of all things traveling through eternity with all things, to the happenings and happenstance and gurgling up and manifest destiny of everything happening all at once, everywhere, from where you are to the farthest star visible in the night sky that probably no longer even exists.

Are you open to living so high you are the kite, the jet, the universal principle taking root on Jupiter, on dwarf planets, in your head that catapults you into enlightened and blissful living?

Are you open to uncertainty, and its power to thwart mediocrity, routine and rote memorization and regurgitation so prevalent in the schools of today?

Are you open to questioning every opinion (especially your own) and everything you do that you seem to do in rote, in automaton fashion, and are you open to this simple idea? You too easily adapt to your circumstances? You too easily accept how things are and it prevents you, holds you back, is one of the most profound limiting factors in your brain that keeps you treading water in a stagnant pond.

Are you open to living a dream, your dream, of capturing the ideals and energies and motivation and momentum and adventures that are within your grasp, just outside your comfort zones, at your very fingertips? And all you have to do is reach a little farther than you think you can to achieve the magical, to dance with the angels, to rummage through the infinite and pull out a legacy.

            Are you open to the power of you, of everything, of a single idea, of a hope and a prayer, of you getting on board with a destiny that you still have not yet conceived or imagined?

Are you open to this very day to explore new worlds, to challenge rules, laws, inhibitions, stalled dreams, lost hopes so you can rise above it all, become the dream dreaming, think thoughts that are different, that expand a mind and a life and a social consciousness and a society and most of all — a family?

Are you open to living in the extreme, on the edges, of pushing not only the envelope but mailing it to the President, to leaping over fear and doubt and worry right into the impossible that is a changeling, a chameleon for the impossible dreams that are forming in a mind that is fearless, limitless? Can you imagine a universal appeal, a world united, a oneness that transcends the separation of things, where unity and sobriety and ecstasy and heaven on earth all collide into a cataclysmic spiritual event not seen around here for centuries, since 1BC?

Are you open to being so good at who you are, the stars and skies and earth opens and moves, and mountains bow and people look on in awe as something remarkable is beginning on the fringe of pure and undiluted imagined creations happening and coming soon like a sunny day at the end of the week.

Be open to all that is possible and choose a side, the side of a worthy ideal, a truth dipped in wisdom that has oomph, has the power to leave clues, trails, goldmines, diamonds in the rough where the alchemists dabble with lead in the basements of your castles in the air.

“Be open to the vast vision of what your life is and can be. Just get some legs under it.”

As the founder of One Business Connection and author of “The Power of One,” Greg Petri is an acclaimed expert at this, that and the other thing. For more information contact Mr. Petri directly at 303-818-2460.