The Power of the Song and Dance

Humanity, in all its delightful presentations, along the by ways, in the jungles, peering on the edge of the Amazon, under the twinkle of southern skies in exotic Tahiti, or in Yuma where the sun must shine more day than anywhere, a time before Marilyn Monroe, sipping tea with Lao-tzu who baffled Confucius, or riding bareback, next to Alexander, sitting cross-legged with Diogenes who may have not been the one to explain the purpose of this proverbial life, this effervescent dance, this wondering in the stars, this climbing of Kilimanjaro, running with the bulls, flying over Boulder in a glider — is it not all about the fun, about the adventure, about the moments that take your breath away?

What song and dance routines have you planned for yourself today? Whale watching off the coast of Monterey, as you down some sour dough with your clam chowder, as you steep in the waves of wonder, sunshine along the coast and hunt for artichokes in Watsonville (the artichoke capital of the world) as you plan a raid on a candy store, or ride the wild street cars of San Fran or Desire, spinning infinities with Paul Simon in the streets as the jovial Sax player helps a four year old girl, spin and dance circles around some Midwesterner parents in front the world famous Ghirardelli’s?

“If you ain’t havin’ fun, yer goin’ in the wrong direction.” “If you ain’t a little scared yer on the wrong rolly coaster.” Joe Peanuts, Dang Near Cowboy Poet.

Where is your emphasis today, is it on lack and luster, is it on languid and bittersweet, or is it on high fives and high adventure and higher aspirations and highest awareness packages sold in the magic stores in Cherry Creek, right next to the magic tea party explaining your constitutional rights to be happy, prosperous and dance all night long in the streets as the fireworks explode in the center of the prolific skies?

Come on man, you take the lead, do-si-do, spin her around, dance with a clown, sing in the shower, past the midnight hour, believe you can scintillate, conjugate your life differently, with piazza, with élan, with style that lets you enjoy every aspect of this steamy adventure that you created out of thin air, and thick truths that lie somewhere between ethereal and surreal perfection and all out Chinook bliss on one of the last stronghold days of winter.

Chose fun, song and dance, creativity and opportunity and you will find joy in a cup of coffee; you will marvel at the shy morning moon; you will smile with the children; you will hopscotch your way through the musical day as the world looks on and the pervading soliloquies and farmed-out and left over poetry is recited in rote, where the muses are off lease, and finally begin to make sense in your mind that is as free as a kite off string, a balloon flying to the moon, as perfect as the wide open tarmac giving flight to your abilities to enjoy, to have fun, to chase windmills and dreams, to sort out the mental chaos dwindling in your head and turn it all into rose petals and wildflower meadows and offshoots of a fandango, living with a song in your heart, serendipity in your synchronicity that steals away all the rain and pain and refrain so you can jump and jive, walk on water, turn silver into gold and inspire the pants off the completion as you both race to win it all along the horizon of your spectacularly opened and soaring mind.

Do this and these and the rest is a breeze.

As the founder of One Business Connection and author of “The Power of One,” Greg Petri is an acclaimed expert at this, that and the other thing. For more information contact Mr. Petri directly at 303-818-2460.