The Power to Inspire #5060



Inspiration creates; it creates what you vision out, what you see in the invisible future; it gives you the right and permission to live an extraordinary life, to make a difference, to hold sacred this life, to smile all the while and share that focused purpose and meaning of life with others, and to encourage creation and to discourage negativity—to rise above circumstance and to give others hope, faith, options, opportunities that haven’t been seen or noticed or realized before.


To be inspired is to live your dreams, not in the future, but each moment, to notice the dream is happening, existing, pointing you in the right direction, this instant.


To be inspired is to work toward your highest pursuits, and have that work, that fun effort filled with purpose and meaning so you have an inward resolve to aspire as you inspire, to make things happen, to leave a legacy, to do the things others says are not possible, to live in the stars, to wonder and wander, and go beyond what you have done so far, and to stick your neck so you can see a vision that is only seen and reached by “going out on a limb, that is where the fruit is.”—Will Rogers.


To stay inspired, think better thoughts.  Get a clearer vision of what can be, of who you are and who you have the potential to be.  Become the master of the self, and the provoker of new ideas, new ways: Learn. Begin.  Do. Change water into wine and the sublime.


Inspiration creates inspired thinking that creates the vision: Anything, any ideal, any primary aim, major definite purpose, higher aspiration that is held dear and long enough in an open heart and a higher spirit will become real in the physical world. 


Inspiration is what takes you into the realms of the divine, the muses, higher energies, the more profound energies that attracts all that is of that higher awareness to show up in your life, to enable and let out opportunities to show up, to appear, to engage your true life’s work, meaning and worthy causes and instill greatness in each action, each moment that you concentrate and give life to your dreams.


This day, this recurring instant, this perfect moment in time, find your bliss.  Elongate elation.  Jump for joy.


Take your personal vibration somewhere near cosmic perfection and proportions— mystery mixed with awe—and watch things happen in your life that you have absolutely no clue how—because you believe!  Because you reverberate awesomeness, because you are willing to believe in the power of higher energies, higher awareness, piqued peak personal efficacy in all that you do, in all whom you touch, in your time gathering steam to roll through adversity and come up with a plan, a thought plan, an energy plan, an inspired vision of what your life is, can be, will magically be as you peer afar in the telescope—a vision in your head matching the one on the horizon.


You are inspired because you are alive.  You can still roll the dice.  You can still influence a generation, a small child, an organization, designing a proliferation of prosperity. You can and will and are inspiring others to greatness, to purposeful and meaningful and intentional living.


Staying inspired.  Stay happy as a gofer in soft dirt.  Play on this great stage of life; it is a simple choice in your head. 


Choose the right path, your path, and watch all your ships come in: Happiness, good health, prosperity, and the simple joys of living with the acute awareness that “all is well.” You are the king or queen in your royal play.  You are in charge of your own success, bliss and inspired moment-by-moment living.


“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm (i.e. Inspiration).” –Ralph Waldo Emerson.

As the founder of One Business Connection and author of “The Power of One,” Greg Petri is an acclaimed expert at this, that and the other thing. For more information contact Mr. Petri directly at 303-818-2460.