The Power To Not Replay

            In our lives, we replay, remind, rewind our thoughts, mostly the same ones, mostly not empowering, then we get stuck in replay.

So to change our worlds, we need to change our thoughts, the recurring ones, the ones that we believe too easily, the ones that put cattle guards, fences, walls, floodgates in our minds, and thus in our actions and thus in our most aspiring accomplishments that seem to not get done.

            The power to stop the replays, to be aware, acutely aware of their subtleties, to be conscious of the influence of the nuance, the halting of what can be by sheer disempowering replays of what we habitually will let the mind think, decide, accept, and hold as true, as a belief, as subconscious stopping points, this is where self mastery begins.

            This day, be keenly aware of these habitual thought patterns, these mind ruts and routines, and mental pathways that have dug grooves and beliefs, like chutes that our thoughts run down like water downhill, streams of thoughts, because of conscious and subconscious habit that follow the same course and we thus follow the same course of action built by these limiting habits and beliefs.

            Get new ideas in your head. Get a level of awareness that extracts the replay button, that frees the mind to grow.  Get to higher ground. Amplify an inspired idea.  Generate higher emotions and bliss that serve you, that embrace change, higher power, and the permission-based philosophy of high achievement, of piqued living, where states of joy, elation, and opportunities, first grown in the mind, will then supplant bad habit and grow a dream in the physical world.

            Today is the starting point, the changeling in the chameleon of time as you watch change happen, watch progress and productivity be activated by the uplifting and up leveling of higher awareness, an acceptance of options and opportunities that can only begin and exist and forever live in a mind that is free, free to live, to enjoy, to create, to master the self, to master thought, to raise and rise and wander and wonder and gather up the unfettered thoughts that have focus-power and real divine truths that can only free a spirit, a mind, a life, to show up in this world of cosmic options.

            Open up the fluid creativity of a free mind, and watch yourself anticipate and create more of what you truly want. 

Live the remarkable life.  Think it so.