Leave Your Mind Alone

Leave Your Mind Alone

Have you ever thought (or not thought) just existed this day, shut off all the distractions, the news, the videos, the websites, the authorities speaking into your head, the flow going on everywhere, every-when…and just went for it, did  your life, stopped the books, the chatter, the rules, the ideas, the people who have the answer, and just finally believed that you do know what you need to know, and just did what you needed and wanted to do, listened to yourself, your soul, your own direction, your intuition, and let your mind alone, shut off the ideals, the truths, the pathways and meanderings, and just lived, saw, watched, became, did, let the world aid you, and you were and will be and shall be and are at peace with all that is?

            Leave your mind alone and just be, just go for your dreams.  Do some go getting, instead of goal setting.  Realize, deep within, after all the analyzation, after all the short thoughts, worries, details, detours, that you know exactly what to do, how to do it, and are in loving pursuit of your most prized passions.

All the while, enjoy every minute of it.  Let the magic take hold.  Let higher realities jump start your world with serendipity, surprises, with the alarming realization that you have everything you need.  Every thought is in orderAll your stars are aligned. You have enough knowledge and wisdom to proceed, to succeed at anything you desire.

Just shut off the doubt, the squirrelly ideas and short and stubby thoughts that can aggravate a gnome or president or tier-one employee.  Behold the amazing adventure at hand and go for it, create it, become it, and leave your mind alone.

            Befriend who you are, your placement in this amazement.  Let your spirit shine and the infinite unwind.  Become the force of the reality within that has no without, that just is, that propels you without fright, or fight or concentration or consternation or idea or ideal or plans or struggle.

For the struggle is in only in your head, is where we have all been wed; and all you need to do is to listen to the spring robins, watch the new sunrise, eat an avocado, wonder in star-gazing amazement that you can— with wand and seemingly magic—wave your desires over the world and watch them appear like deer in a headlight, wolves on a strip of secluded country road, as if everything is you, helping you, becoming you and all you have to do is let your mind alone…become the magic that ensues…become the truth that beats in your heart…become an amazement exactly how you were created to be back when you were but a child of this universe.