The Power of Expanding YOUR Concept of Time

What is time? What are its nuances, left over shadows, misunderstandings, paradoxes, and where does it fit in this entire universe as it applies to the individual life, like your life?

Ask Einstein what is time? He had a different answer than just: It’s a linear concept. Ask sages and saints, and people with enlightenment written all over their resumes, they might smile and say: “Time is but an illusion.” “If time is an illusion and oneness is what truly defines our experience, then the idea of past and future must also be an illusion.” — Wayne Dyer.

It is not only our understanding of time (if that is even possible, with all its mystery) but it is also the acceptance and realization and getting comfortable with time that may be the greatest human experience of it.

Do you have a divine and expanded version of time in your own head? Is it something that is a friend, a warm and assuring concept, that you can befriend and live within as a teacher, as a bewildering peaceful idea that can aid you, serve you, give you all that you need? For if you can find a way for time to be this, an ally, a good friend, a spiritual and divine teacher, then you have made peace with life, yourself and the peaceful passing of time as it seems to tick by and inches you toward more wisdom.

Many think of time as a race against the hourglass where you must do more, use every ounce of your time in this life, squeeze ever last moment out each minute, this measuring of a life, your life, and not to waste it or squander it, for it is the main thing that you have that can be wasted and lost and it is running out right now as we speak, so you better use every moment of it, or it is lost forever.

Sure there is a truth, a kind of truth to this, but it is also keeping you on the daily treadmill of getting more, needing more, using more, and in some kind of inner battle between you and time, and with this perception, time always wins.

But the power of time is much more than that, more like an iceberg appearing to be just above the waterline, when its mass, its deeper reality is under water, unknown, undiscovered and unseen.

To make peace with time, to realize it is not so much linear as it is cosmic, infinite, universal and eternal, is to accept its higher order, a truth that expands your simple linear version of what you think it is, what time appears to be just over the waterlines.

When you begin to realize the higher nature of time, its supreme, inexplicable mystery, when you see it as you, eternal, a place that shall always be, and you will always be with it, that you too are in this eternal dance with time, then it frees you to steep in its magic, to relish its ebb and flow and enjoy its multifaceted existence as something way beyond a timepiece, a minute, an hour, a week or decades and centuries.

Time is the universal changeling that can change speeds; it can couple with the speed of light and reserve its self; it is too big for a single human mind to conceive all its wonder and mystical proportions. So instead of thinking you must understand time, be more agog and marvel at its absolute illusiveness, its slippery nature, its perfection that is beyond the logical mind and you will begin to see its cosmic meanderings, and machinations, and divine surreal nature.

To me, at this stage of my enlightened progression, I see time in a few ways. One: Time is an illusion, and it is really the cover for eternity. And with the right mindset and inner realization, I too am time, am eternal, and will always exist in ways I am not quite ready to realize to date.

To me, time is both linear and eternal, like two sides of the same coin…kind of like we learned in early science that light is a wave and a particle all at the exact same time. How can that be? But it is.

To me, “Time is the workable skin woven over eternity.” It can be used on this earthly plane, and has a very pragmatic nature to it also.

            Ask yourself this one question: What is the most valuable use of your time? Think about it really, for a moment. Your answer may indicate your deeper understanding of this pervading mystery. One answer would be to use time more effectively to achieve more. That is a good answer. My answer: Find peace with time so you can enjoy it, steep in and relish it more.

Though, when you make peace with time, with its passing, with its eternal nature, you make peace with your very self, for you too are time, you too are eternal, you too will never die, and you too are as mysterious and inexplicable and worth pursuing this deeper understanding of your ever essence.

So as you expand who you are, you surely will expand your nature and your understanding of the true nature of this chameleon, we call TIME!

As the founder of One Business Connection and author of “The Power of One,” Greg Petri is an acclaimed expert at this, that and the other thing. For more information contact Mr. Petri directly at 303-818-2460.