Who are you, really?  Where have you given away your power, your indelible mark that can be stamped on time, on this day?

            And do you even know how creative, how stupendous, how remarkable, you can be, in an instant just by giving yourself permission to shine, to be brilliant, to run the gamut, to soar, to rise above, to solve challenges, to leave that mark, to become the force within that influences—the world out there?

            Today, as a comment, as a tutorial for greatness, as your uncovered destiny, what if you realize, discover, become, raise your self-perception into the realm of amazing?

What if you start to smile, to feel, in the center of your being, the star power, the magical nature of living a life filled with creation, with elation, with doing what others fear, what you have feared? 

What if you step into who you really are: The King of hearts, the Queen of Diamonds, and you pursue a rusted dream, or you invent a new dream, you let no one (mainly yourself) your self-talk, your habits of a solemn past, hold you back?

            Today is the only real day, the time to start, to plan the big plans, to take action on a burning desire. 

Guess what?  You really are more than fingers grasping at straws, a whim in the wind, a gathering of sirens on the distant shores where your ship comes in.

            Take paper and pen, write out a dream, a destiny, a covert plan, an action statement, a reason to live, an adventure that is juxtaposed next to the full moon, beneath the billions of stars, in this epoch and epic and parsecs of light that are shed down, not just on humanity, not just on those who have fame and fortune intact, but you, yes you, who can change the course of history, you who can break the generations of sorrow, lack and listlessness.

Today, begin the hope scope, the divine plan, the dreams in motion, the cars racing, the energy within that can and will and shall and can do nothing but imprint that vision upon reality, your reality for all, for your family and friends.

For  the “not possible” is now gone, wiped clean from your brain, and you are now free to gather momentum, steam, to railroad your way to anything, all things that are vital and screaming to get out of your pure and un-conforming heart.

            Come on, do the dream and the dream will accommodate any mind that is relentless and committed to a remarkable life. 

Energy, your piqued and focused and scintillating energy, creates whatever you wish.  Keep all attention on this, for your ability to concentrate and focus and release this high energy, gives permission to all your highest aspirations.

            Today is the only real day you can ever live and create.

Take hold and finally realize the ever-expanding—POWER OF YOU.