Clean Out the Subconscious

There are things you are aware of, you and me, and things that we let sit somewhere in the unknown regions of our very minds, things that may be slowing us down, working against us, things, ideas, situations, where a part of our life is stuck in neutral, where a notion is kept secret in a crevice in the mind, where the conscious has no fingers, no hands to grasp, no way to release these limitations, and we simple live in states of subdued, unexplored misunderstanding.

            Take heart in knowing, that we all can clean out the subconscious, change it, better said, replace the files and put in, affirm in, higher ideals, more empowering patterns, or ideals that can change our aware and conscious minds to rise above, go beyond, break through the automaton habits and routines of how we have lived so far.

            There are circumstances in your head that have been wed to the past, by an experience, a routine or pattern that is and has been welded to a belief, a subconscious choice, a decided reality that is influencing what you can acquire, aspire and desire.

            Clean out the subconscious mind with positive affirmations, by attacking the areas of life that seem to struggle, be it finances, health, energy, job status, whatever is in your way on your straight vectors to greatness.

            Use the twilight times, the times right when you wake and right when you are just about to sleep to out loud affirm, in a positive, in an uplifting sentence of what you what, what you desire, what area of  your life you want to leap over, transcend, go beyond, to witness the reality of living outside a comfort zone, to grow beyond the limits you have set so far in a mind that very well can be tethered to a past; this may have a stronghold on the consciousness of living, the awareness that your conscious mind is willing to live under, inside, within, when reprogramming the conscious mind can eradicate fear, break down barriers and release the emotional blocks that have left you in the dark and you did not even know.

            Use goals, dream boards, audios, books, ideas, affirmations, and all new tools, and ways of reprogramming your faraway mind, your subconscious limitations, so you can excel, thrive—be fully alive.

            Do things you have never done before. Think thoughts that you have never thought before.  Reach into the magical world of infinite intelligence and let that universal, cosmic truth flood your being to take action, to believe in things you cannot yet conceive so as to achieve the harmony, the bliss states, the amazing places in your life that are awaiting the arrival of a mind that has been freed, and is continually being free of the constraints of the past that is a complete illusion

The past does not exist, it is dead and gone, but if we are unaware, it can live and influence the present.   Do not let it.

            Clean out the subconscious mind.  Put emphasis on doing this.  Believe you not only can clean out the garbage, the half truths and simmering fears, but you can replace it with uplifting and freeing and more empowering ideas and beliefs and values and burning desires that are letting you fly as if you were a young child again, so as to believe in all things possible as you did when you were five.

            Clean out your mind and let your life shine, the light shine through your soul, and let your belief in good, in being brilliant, surface so that you can leave a legacy, leave trust funds for great grandchildren, and see the remarkably real, actual accomplishments that will and shall and are showing up in your physical reality.

            Believe in your abilities to change, to grow and to rise above the conjugated and misaligned mediocrity you somehow have let grow roots in your subconscious.

For if you placed it there, let it grow there, you can replace it and grow a better idea, a better world for you and your loved ones: Pure delight as the walls and limitations fall away and you become what you truly know you can become.

            Program your mind for success and feel the wonder and ecstasy. 

It is that easy.